For some, it’s been pounded home that Big Data and present-day investigation advances will reform the showcasing and deals industry. While huge numbers of us presently acknowledge this claim, we additionally underestimate it.

Indeed, Big Data can convey huge outcomes for advertising and deals experts. In any case, that doesn’t generally make a difference. What really matters is the way and why. If you don’t comprehend why the innovation is so valuable, or why it has such an effect, at that point you can never genuinely exploit its maximum capacity, can you?

In the event that you need to use Big Data to enable your deals to the group, you should see how such stages characterize costs, client patterns, spread methodologies and foresee different results. You should grasp why sales need Big Data. Equipped with these bits of knowledge, you would then be able to take a stab at achievement in the present market.

Greater Responsiveness and Customer Insights

Inherently, Big Data gives the sort of data and bits of knowledge about your crowd that you have to give better administration and usefulness. Sixty-six percent of endeavors will send knowledge focuses of brilliance to manage basic authoritative misalignment. As such, they will figure out how to better use information accumulation to convey more productive client encounters.

Suppose you’re draining clients, so you send a Big Data framework to get to the base of the issue. After some time, you’ll, in the end, perceive how your clients connect with your business, including their utilization of your items and administrations. You can gather suppositions and bits of knowledge about client feeling utilizing various sources, both open or private. This would then be able to straightforwardly impact your future activities. Possibly your clients didn’t care for a current programming refresh which caused basic disappointment? Possibly a creation issue you didn’t know about flew up? Or then again, maybe your client benefit framework is awkward, ineffectual and harming?

Using aggregate information and gathering bits of knowledge, you can feature and recognize patterns that influence your business. Thus, this enables you to react fittingly and with more noteworthy scramble. What’s more, the more responsive you are to issues or client grievances, the more joyful they will be if you take activities to settle the issue(s).

Predictive Analytics and More Informed Strategies

The market is in a condition of transition, and, do the trick it to state, it will never stop. New players continually enter the playing field. New items and administrations manifest. Creative advancements are produced and presented. The clients and customers you serve constantly develop. Their wants and needs may move totally finished the course of time.

In the event that you need to be proceeded with progress, you’ll have to adjust and conform to the numerous progressions occurring around you. Prescient examination and Big Data are the stages that will empower a wonder such as this.

Before settling on a choice or making a move, you can utilize information gathered from your group of onlookers and the present market to perceive what the outcomes will appear. What administrations are clients searching for the present moment? What will developing advances help your business the most? These are largely answers that Big Data and prescient examination can discover the appropriate response as well.

It’s smarter to settle on more educated choices with down to earth and quantifiable information than to plunge into the water aimlessly. In the occasion you do commit an error, you would more be able to precisely perceive what turned out badly and utilize this data to improve the situation later on. That is the idea of Big Data at work — you’re continually gathering and storing up potential data that you can use to enhance forms, business procedures and items.

It’s a well-known fact C-Suite administrators and chiefs jump at the chance to extend organization deals targets. They do this by setting up shares and assessed levels for deals groups to accomplish. More often than not, a standard is higher than would normally be appropriate in light of the fact that this decreases the danger of disappointment. Lamentably, that additionally makes it simple for administrators to set the bar too high, which can give the impression they are distant from the present condition of the market and their business.

Fortunately, Big Data and escalated information investigation can be utilized to recognize the perfect quantity or target. This is one obvious case of prescient stages being utilized to settle on more educated choices in the business.

Contextual, Personalized Marketing Efforts and Experiences

Relevant and execution information can be utilized, progressively, to make a move and give better encounters to your clients and customers. Think about how Amazon and comparative retailers handle their “suggested items” or “related items” segments. They utilize individual information gathered about their client’s utilization and perusing propensities to recommend results important to their clients. This conveys a customized, significant affair for everybody. It additionally makes clients more inclined to come back to your site or business later, to see ensuing items and proposals.

The greater part of this attempts to set up trust and a strong association with your gathering of people. The more you think about individuals, the better you can serve them.

– Building Strong Customer and Client Relationships

To expand on the last point, for the most part, the better you know somebody, the more grounded your relationship is. You can utilize Big Data to address the issues of your customers, clients, and accomplices before they even acknowledge what they are.

The accompanying illustration is a couple of years old yet no less astonishing. Target anticipated a young lady’s pregnancy and thought about it before her nearest relatives did. They began sending her coupons and advancements about her little dear baby. This sort of thing manufactures a solid association with potential clients.

You can utilize the data gathered from your group of onlookers to have an effect in their lives. The better you serve them, and the more solid your image turns into, the more trust they will put in you.

Better and More Efficient Communication

Email promoting, customary informing and portable channels are incredible approaches to speak with clients. Be that as it may, when combined with a significant number of the advanced stages accessible today, including social, they likewise create a ton of commotion. This makes it hard to get down to the base of different interchanges and communications, particularly in regards to cross-stage administrations.

An organization rep may converse with a client on the telephone, for example, and neglect to note different issues talked about. Afterward, that same client connects by means of email or texting, just to locate the new rep has no learning or data about the past cooperation. The arrangement — utilize a Big Data framework to gather and compose the vital client data. Client Relationship Management (CRM) is an innovation that considers total of client information all through the purchasing cycle. CRMs make it simple for workers crosswise over offices to remain state-of-the-art on all client connections and cooperations.

This stands valid outside of a client benefit condition, as well. You can see things like client supposition shared on informal communities, open survey scores and collected feelings. This makes you more educated over the long haul, and more qualified to speak with different gatherings about things occurring concerning your business and items.

We would all be able to concur that better and more productive correspondences, in general, are something each business ought to take a stab at.

Increased Competition and Stopping Power

Since Big Data offers prescient and down to earth business arrangements and empowers individual client connections, it isn’t difficult to perceive any reason why more business visionaries have chosen to utilize the headway of the innovation further bolstering their good fortune. Implying that more individuals are entering business ventures making more rivalry. While it may have expanded the number of contenders your business faces, Big Data is likewise what empowers you to go up against rivals and different brands specifically by thinking of contending systems. Envision being in struggle and knowing all the correct moves to overwhelm your rivals. Enormous Data makes that a probability.

If you somehow managed to learn, for example, that your rival is propelling another item liable to take consideration for a long time to come, with anticipated outcomes you could better arrangement for that result. Likewise, you can design and create confrontational methodologies that will work to bring the market back to support you. The excellence of this situation — you don’t have to comprehend what your adversaries do or what they create. The idea of prescient examination implies you can run reenactments and discover comes about utilizing verifiable and current information. Basically, it’s the utilization of past or display patterns to observe how a circumstance or occasion will play out later on.

Your Sales Team Needs Access to Big Data Platforms

At last, it turns out to be somewhat clear why deals groups and organizations require bolstering from Big Data stages to have an effect in the present scene. Outside of changes in the market and industry, clients have likewise advanced after some time. They presently expect customized, significant encounters that are both proficient and responsive. The main conceivable approach to convey the sort of help individuals need — particularly by means of portable stages — is by utilizing present-day Big Data arrangements and examination devices.

For example, your business group unquestionably needs access to a Big Data stage or toolset, in the event that they don’t as of now have it.

The sound is an indispensable piece of our everyday life. Appropriate from the sound of flying creatures to the tick-tock of the clock, we are encompassed by sound in all structures. It relieves us following a tiring day and lights up our state of mind when we hear it out arbitrarily. Discussing normal sounds, it likewise helps us to remember the exceedingly looked for after man-made sounds. Truly, you got it right! We’re discussing music, repeating portable warnings et cetera and so forward. While music began in the innovation world through radio, it got passed onto TV to PCs and mobile phones with the assistance of sites.

A decent site has an appealing plan as well as, can add sounds if important to improve the client encounter. Sound installed in a site may fluctuate from push warnings, pop-ups to tunes playing on melodic sites.

Utilizing sound in configuration differs relying upon whether it is a portable application or a site. Give us a chance to see, where and how might we utilize sound in Design:

  • If you are outlining a versatile or an intelligent application that flies up messages or triggers occasions, incorporating sound to help advise the client can improve the client encounter.
  • If your site is an intelligent, melodic, live or a gaming site at that point adding sound to it can enable the client to explore better.

Pros of Designing with Audio

  • Helps in making a quiet situation with light foundation sound on clicks
  • Helps support client commitment
  • Helps influence the client to feel associated with the website architecture/application

Cons of Designing with Audio

  • If your site/web application has sound playing out of sight it could be irritating to clients while perusing through it
  • A client may leave the site and this could drop transformation rates
  • From a purchaser point of view, it could mean more utilization of information

Since we’ve seen both the upsides and downsides of utilizing sound in the outlined procedure. Some of you should think, it is an awful choice to incorporate sound in outline while the other half cherishes its possibility. In any case, done unobtrusively and to the correct extent can help build client commitment and upgrade it. Give us a chance to see, where would audio be able to be utilized with the goal that it enhances the client encounter.

1) Branding
There’s a statement by Paul Rand that says, ‘Plan is the quiet envoy of your image.’ A customized sound for your image can turn into its mark. A decent, non-exasperating sound can give your image an interesting life separated from the look and feel of it. A few cases of brands having their own sound are Microsoft, Nokia, Redmi. Audio can likewise be utilized for marking purposes, you can apply an interesting sound and music to pass on a brand’s embodiment. For example, in case you’re a media-themed site, you can incorporate the sound and music in a way that it lifts client encounter that still pictures can’t accomplish. A few illustrations being Jazz Delivery, an instrument conveyance site or New Music USA that serves performers and writers.

2) Adding Personalization
Presently consider winning a similar trophy with your name engraved on it! Can rest easy, right? Personalization is the way to win shoppers’ hearts and brains. Sound can simply help do that, be it in applications or purchase items. Besides, it helps fabricate a passionate associate with your web application. At the point when a buyer feels vital and regarding the odds of remaining steadfast and prescribing the item to companions and relatives builds manifold. For illustration, in the event that you are a Facebook client and have preferred on one of your companion’s accomplishment related post or have written ‘Congrats’ you more likely than not encountered a brilliant engaging sound. A client feels as though he/she has been reacted to or got acknowledged. Accordingly, such types of personalization in your plan can influence a client to feel regarded and sufficiently critical to proceed with the application.

3) For Notifications
The sound in notices is the most well-known and for the most part utilized shape. Application warnings empower the client to get continuous messages helping them give ongoing responses. However, a few clients may locate the sound diverting. To defeat this issue you can include a ‘quiet’ state for the solace of such clients. Observe that, giving both the sound and quiet choices is similarly essential to have a changed customer base.

4) Gaming
We as a whole recall the days of yore’s computer game Mario and Contra not just on account of the way Mario used to bounce but since of the sound going with it. Furthermore, as you are perusing this you are endeavoring to make that sound in your mind. The sound has the ability to interface shoppers for long and review customers even following a few moderate a long time with legitimate rebranding. If you have a gaming site or a diversion application then it is essential to fuse sound in the outline. This improves the client encounter as well as makes the client energized and remain stuck to your web application.


Outlining with sound is a huge field, there may be some who may contend that a site ought to have neither sound nor video. In any case, everything relies upon the sort of site/web application in which you are inserting the sound and the volume. Boisterous and arbitrary sound can be aggravating to the client bringing about the client skipping off. In any case, in the meantime, a quiet and very much planned sound can help improve the client encounter.

The expectation this article encourages you in adding the correct sound to your plan should it require one and wishing you glad planning! In the event that you have any recommendations, don’t hesitate to drop them in the remarks box underneath.

As you’ll find, most Hosting providers don’t provide Root Access with Reseller Hosting packages. While this is a common practice in the Industry there are certain functions which require root access that a user may need to conduct frequently. One such function is changing a site’s IP.

To be able to let our users perform this function on their own, we’ve built a custom plugin with our WHM implementation that allows them to easily change their site’s IP from their WHM panel.

Here’s a step by step guide on how you can do this:

  • Login to your ResellerBytes’ control panel & navigate to the order view of your Linux Reseller Hosting package
  • Once there, access your WHM account. This will automatically log you in to your WHM panel. Alternatively you can login directly to your WHM account using the URL yourdomainname/whm
  • In your WHM panel, scroll down to the plugins section and click on ‘Change Site’s IP’
  • Thereafter, you can select the account for which you want to change IP, select from the available IPs and click on Change IP.
  • You’ve now successfully changed the IP!

I hope this web hosting tip helped ? If you have any questions about this or need any help with our Hosting products, do comment below.


Small and medium-sized corporations really need to apprehend the importance of promotional and advertising techniques. Business selling is an energetic method which wishes to be very carefully scrutinized for obtaining the great consequences. You can make use of the manpower that you need to the fullest and come up with strategies to promote your business and allow it flourish.

Promotional strategies and advertising go hand in hand. Marketing your emblem or product will include one-of-a-kind aspects of producing, promoting and promoting products to the clients. Promotion is a key element in setting across the blessings of your products or services to the clients. Well-designed advertising and promotional strategies make certain lengthy-term success, bring in greater clients and ensure profitability for groups.

Role of Promotions

Promotion is the voice of your organization which sends out your logo’s message loud and clean to the target audience. Various media platforms can be used to sell your enterprise and brand. They encompass tv, radio, shopping stores, billboards, magazines, and social media.

Various promotional strategies can be used to sell and market your enterprise depending at the desires, goals, and priorities of your organization.

Without marketing promotions, your brand or provider would not be capable of garner the eye of the pre-occupied customers.


Promoting your brand will assist you in lots of unique ways:

  • Increase logo attention
  • Provide appropriate data
  • Increase Customer Traffic
  • Build income and earnings

Not best those, however, promotions can even assist your corporation to introduce products without problems within the ever-so-competitive marketplace.

Increasing emblem awareness –
Promotions assist in developing brand consciousness. With the assistance of numerous media just like the tv, billboards, radio or local newspaper news, you may spread throughout records about your emblem and enterprise, which facilitates human beings to find out more about you and check out your merchandise and make purchases.

Segment Identification –
If your promotional and marketing strategy is loosely based, it might not achieve success in targeting the “right” audiences. Having a full-proof and well-idea-out promotional strategy and advertising plan will let you identify specific segments of customers in the market and provide appropriate solutions in your customers.

Increasing customer visitors –
Also, merchandising facilitates in bits of help in increasing customer site visitors. The extra you sell your logo, the more will the clients recognize about you and your agency and the more will they be interested by your products. Promotion can be achieved even by using giving out unfastened samples which match wonders for customers! They attempt your product and in the end, come to you and make purchases.

While promotional techniques are very a great deal essential, entrepreneurs and businesses have to consider some factors of their advertising blend plan. It is crucial that corporations employ the proper media device to target their customers. These days, whilst social media is the only tool on the web platform, promotional techniques need to extend beyond radio, tv, and print.

Make positive you do take a look at out ResellerBytes to get an idea of how we run hosting and domain promotions on the website. Share your tips with us within the remarks section underneath!

Go again to a few suitable old years and you would have heard a commonplace trouble, ‘my hard disk is full I don’t realize wherein to keep my records anymore.’ These matters now sound alien, don’t they? After all, with the arrival of cloud, this problem has disappeared. However, it wasn’t until a few years later that humans really started trusting the cloud and the use of it. And well after they did, there has been no turning again.

According to a recent survey, 96% net users hire the offerings of Cloud that is a clear indication that a massive majority of data is saved at the Cloud. However, the query of the hour is how comfy is the cloud? Or a more apt query could be how secure is your information at the Cloud? Also, does Cloud protection range from one provider to any other?

In this submit, we’ll walk you thru the importance of Cloud garage security and what must Cloud vendors do to ensure protective their customers.

Importance of Secure Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage has several blessings like digital scalable hardware, low infrastructure price and so on.

One instance of this is of the extreme subject for online enterprise owners is how secure is the Cloud? Or what if a malware or a malicious attacker hacks their machine and steals all their sensitive statistics? Moreover, this situation has accelerated with assaults like Ransomware inside the beyond and reinforces the need for tight safety.

When it comes to Cloud, all the servers are interconnected to every other with the aid of a network cluster and there is no unmarried factor of failure. With this tightly coupled characteristic, hackers find it very tough to crack and smash into the device. A sturdy Cloud garage facility has to come geared up with excessive-stop intrusion detection mechanism and block the access of malicious codes and assaults.

How Secure is the Cloud

Having seen the importance of cloud garage we are able to say that maximum of the cloud garage offerings we keep our statistics on are relaxed. Be it Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud and so forth each software has its personal set of safety mechanisms in the vicinity.

One of the approaches, cloud carriers at ease the user’s records is by means of encryption. The facts is stored in an encrypted format that could want a key to decrypt and recognize. It is almost not possible to break in and discover the key. However, as a consumer, it’s far secure to say prevention is better than therapy and it’s far really helpful that you hire sure practices for securing your records at the neighborhood side.

Let’s cover three simple and essential practices that can help preserve your records safe over the cloud:

  • Encryption
    Although while choosing the cloud garage provider, you may have selected the one this is nicely encrypted so one can save you hackers. One way to secure your facts in the cloud is to encrypt your information as nicely and keep it on the server. This way there is a double barrier layer that restricts the hacker from gaining access to your data. Choose an encryption provider that lets you encrypt your facts before importing it from the cloud.
  • Safe Sharing
    Should you want to present every person access to the statistics uploaded to your cloud, do now not send them your replica. What you could do rather is create a local copy of the document and share that as an alternative. This way if the reproduction gets in the palms of an interloper it can’t be misused to infiltrate your machine.
  • Security
    Finally, one of the most effective but left out approaches to shielding your facts is to have a strong password and consider to never share your password with all and sundry. Also, you may have a 2-factor authentication. This enables if your cloud password gets leaked, at this sort of time the hacker can’t gain get admission to on your account. Should they try to login you’ll be without delay notified.

Handling Cloud Storage Security on Cloud Hosting

Now that we’ve visible how secure is the cloud and approaches to comfy our data at the cloud, allow us to pass to a unique angle of the cloud. Cloud Hosting is some other form of cloud storage with regards to website hosting our internet site’s records. Every Cloud Hosting issuer has one of a kind protection mechanisms with regards to presenting a comfy Cloud platform. This consists of Automatic backups, safety plugins and protection, anti-viruses and additionally the overall storage structure.

We at ResellerBytes strive to attend to all this by way of presenting you with secure and relaxed Cloud Storage capabilities. We make certain you get the maximum safety as we’ve incorporated cPanel with our Cloud Hosting, accordingly you can leverage the security functions of cPanel too. Let us have a examine them in the element,

  • Ceph Storage:
    Ceph Storage is an open-supply unfastened garage software program that boosts scalability and improves the overall performance on your device. With ResellerBytes we’ve got integrated Ceph Storage with our Cloud Hosting applications for super reliability and same garage distribution. Furthermore, Ceph Storage offers 3N redundancy thereby, ensuring there’s no unmarried factor of failure and your records are secure in our Cloud.
  • ClamAV Antivirus
    ClamAV is an open source antivirus software and protects your server from malicious viruses for email and report-supervisor uploads. It is go-platform and helps diverse working systems. To provide you with extra security, you could deploy ClamAV on your Linux cPanel in WHM account in your Cloud Hosting. Check out this publish to learn how to install ClamAV on your Linux cPanel account.
  • Hotlink Protection
    Hotlink Protection is a device that allows you to block other websites from stealing the bandwidth out of your bundle. Hotlink Protection may be effortlessly found for your cPanel Security tab where you as a consumer can decide whether or not to allow or disable it. This is a further function and can grow to become on or off depending on your requirement.
  • Leech Protection
    Another way of securing your Cloud Storage is by enabling Leech Protection. In Leech Protection, if a consumer exceeds the most number of logins then the machine redirects or suspends the user. Leech Protection offers your internet site safety from Brute-Force attack wherein the person is denied limitless logins. Also, Leech Protection is beneficial in case your login credentials are made public. You can enable Leech Protection inside the safety tab of your cPanel account.
  • SFTP
    SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol. Our Linux Cloud servers come with SFTP option to preserve your cloud storage as well as document transfer at ease.

Tips on enhancing Cloud Security

Although your Cloud Storage issuer might deal with securing the information hosted on their cloud. You as a user too should realize the way to comfy your cloud garage. Follow these guidelines and also you won’t have to absolutely depend on the Cloud company.

  • Always take backups of your facts, in fact, automated backup is suggested as it is failsafe, need to you forget about to take a backup. Codeguard is one correct choice to take automated backup and repair your internet site’s data in case of a protection breach.
  • Another manner to relaxed your Cloud storage is to maintain your website secure from assaults from hackers. Although with ResellerBytes we offer you secure safety, including an additional internet site protection for your touchy information is a good choice. SiteLock gives virus safety and malware elimination even as SSL certificates builds consider and offers reliability.
  • Research approximately your carrier issuer nicely and additionally where their datacenter vicinity is. This may seem a long way-fetched, however, is similarly essential. If your web hosting facts middle has located some distance from wherein your client base it, your website load time may additionally suffer mild put off leading to consumer loss.

In Summary:
Different Cloud carriers have unique features and pricing. When deciding that’s nice for you, take care that you don’t just move on the pricing, however, check different touchy statistics like safety characteristic and support. At the cease, there is no exact solution to how at ease is the Cloud Storage but you may surely take a degree and do adequate research.

If you’ve got any questions, sense unfastened to attain out to us by using leaving a remark below or contacting our sales executives.

Are you a seasoned person of Linux, probably Dedicated Servers or Virtual Private Servers? If sure, then I’m certain the safety of your net hosting is a problem that you cannot take lightly.

Viruses, worms and other malicious entities are usually evolving to conquer the contemporary defenses that machine architects and protection businesses can devise. Hence, it is a good exercise to be prepared and ClamAV antivirus is the fine preference, with it being to be had on our cPanel Servers.

What is ClamAV?

ClamAV is an open source antivirus software program used as an internet and mail scanner protecting the laptop from malicious viruses imparting security. It helps multiple file codecs, signature languages and also consists of a multi-threaded scanner daemon. ClamAV is a cross-platform antivirus software program assisting running structures like Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris and Mac OS X.

Features of ClamAV
Some of the capabilities of ClamAV encompass the subsequent:

  • It is a command line scanner with superior gear
  • Is able to stumble on over 1 million viruses, trojans, worms, mobile malware amongst others.
  • Has integrated help for almost all mail document codecs
  • Supports special document formats like HTML, RTF, PDF, TNEF and others
    Has a complicated database updater helping scripted updates, digital signatures and DNS based database model queries
  • Scans inside documents and compressed files and helps report formats like ZIP, RAR, 7Zip, ARJ, Tar, CPIO, Gzip, Bzip2, DMG, IMG and others

How to install ClamAV on Linux?

Now that we’ve seen the functions of ClamAV, allow us to see the way to installation ClamAV on Linux. For your advantage, we’ll be installing ClamAV on Linux Server as well as a standalone personal pc.

Part I:

We are going to put in ClamAV on Linux cPanel in WHM with full root get right of entry to

Step I: Login to your WHM panel as a root user

Step II: Now Click at the cPanel icon and pick Manage Plugins.

Step III: Select ClamAV and click on on ‘Install ClamAV’

Step IV: Your server is now secured with the state-of-the-art updated ClamAV anti-virus.

Part II:

For installing ClamAV on a standalone PC with Linux Operating System comply with the under steps.

Step 1: Open the terminal and sort in the following command. This command installs ClamAV and clamscam, the command-line scanner.

sudo apt-get deploy clamav

Step 2: Since ClamAV is a command line tool, strolling it is able to be a trouble. For that functions, putting in a GUI device is a better choice. ClamTk is a GUI front-give up device for ClamAV the use of perl-Gtk2. It may be discovered within the Software Center or can be mounted manually. Below is the command for manual installation.

sudo apt-get deploy clamtk

How to use ClamAV?

Once you’ve set up ClamAV on Linux, it’s time to apply it. There are a few commands that may be run in clamscan. For instance,
-h, -help: This is for printing assist information and exit.

ResellerBytes shared web hosting products come with ClamAV pre-mounted so you get the excellent in magnificence safety from viruses and other threats. If you have got purchased servers with root get entry to, you could setup ClamAV as special above and experience sturdy safety with your web hosting.

In today’s day and age phrases like ‘mobile software’ and ‘cloud’ are growing pretty a stir. Each day there is a few new software in the market with the aim of turning in the satisfactory performance to their users. Mobile backend offerings help acquire this by building a better infrastructure.

What is BaaS?

These days most cellular applications want a backend that’s related to the net. BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service) is the provider that helps permit that, assisting you manage the centralized database and permitting your users to proportion content thru the cloud. BaaS presents the backend for cell packages, an API, and gear for various programming languages to combine with their software backend. As against SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) that is targeted to stop users, BaaS is centered at developers.

Also scaling apps is difficult as and whilst your target audience grows, to do this successfully, you want a backend. Earlier backends needed to be evolved from scratch but due to technological advancements, you could now without delay combine them into your software. In this submit, we’ll be exploring various backend provider systems and how to select the satisfactory amongst them.

Types of BaaS for Mobile Apps
There are varieties of Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) specifically Consumer BaaS and Enterprise BaaS.

Consumer BaaS: This focuses extra on light-weight programs and games.

Enterprise BaaS: This focuses extra on mobilizing touchy and critical enterprise information.

When it involves distinct BaaS offerings, there are several leading answers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kinvey, Google Firebase and Apple CloudKit.

Why Firebase?

Firebase became an impartial service before being obtained and launched with the aid of Google as a part of 2016 UI. Firebase goals to help web developers in constructing higher apps and thereby supporting them grow in their business, by means of looking after the backend of the applications. Here are some capabilities that help in figuring out why Firebase is the exceptional BaaS to be had:.

  1. Platform: Firebase gives a real-time database platform that writes occasions as and when it happens. It additionally offers database management API.
  2. Front-End: Firebase runs on Angular, Ember, Vue.Js and React on the the front cease.
  3. Hosting: It consists of functions like custom domains at no cost, Global CDN, Users, DB and Auto-provisioned SSL certificate.
  4. Clean Dashboard: A strong layout is some other function of Firebase, the dashboard is clean and lists all of the functions at the left sidebar.
  5. Analytics: Firebase has a unfastened and integrated Analytics for all Firebase apps, which permits builders to peer how ad campaigns are performing, log activities to music username and age, view active customers in your application and many others.

Pros and Cons of Firebase

Pros Cons
Requires minimal setup and easy access to data, files and more. Firebase is neither open source nor can you host your data.
It is real time having a robust API and provides user side high security. As Firebase uses JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and a NoSQL database and hence the format for storing is entirely different to that of SQL.
Requires no server-side infrastructure to power apps with data. Has very limited indexing and developers need to build the indexes manually.


With capabilities like Cloud Messaging, Remote Config, and a Real-Time Database, Firebase rankings points. Choosing the right BaaS is crucial and it comes right down to what your undertaking calls for. Go via features of all of the to be had offerings, capabilities and platforms earlier than identifying which you want to apply.

As earlier this year we have announced WordPress Hosting on ResellerBytes. We are proud for another addition to the ResellerBytes Marketplace! Now we are introducing WordPress Lite on ResellerBytes – a simple, powerful & complete solution for WordPress websites! Let’s have a look at the plans below:

Starter Lite Performance Lite Business Lite Professional Lite
Max Sites 1 2 3 5
CPU Cores 2 4 6 6
RAM 2 GB 4 GB 6 GB 6 GB
Storage 5 GB 20 GB 40 GB 40 GB
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Launch Price
(1st month)
$3.99 $3.99 $3.99 $3.99
Renews at
(per month)
$4.99 $6.99 $8.99 $10.99

If you have any questions regarding WordPress Hosting, you can refer to our FAQs here. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

As a website owner, the security of your website is of utmost importance. An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate ensures and authenticates a website by encrypting the data within your website’s network basically your computer and the end destination server.

OpenSSL is a powerful toolkit for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) and licensed under an Apache-style license. SSL widely known as Secure Socket Layer is the security protocol that encrypts the links between your web server and browser, securing it. To create the SSL connection your web servers needs an activated SSL certificate. and, you can easily install it. Typically once you activate your SSL certificate, ‘HTTP’ changes to ‘HTTPS’ in the URL, securing your website.

The process for installing SSL on your cPanel varies slightly with different hosting products, the steps with Shared Hosting might not necessarily be same with Cloud.

In this post, I’ll be covering how you can enable SSL on your cPanel using WHM.


To install SSL on your cPanel when you have root access to your server (Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting) you need to follow the following steps,

1. Login to your WHM root account and select SSL/TLS which is available to the cPanel users

2. Next step would be to generate the SSL Certificate, private key and CSR (Certificate Signing Requests), the Private Key is set to 2048 bits as it is the recommended size.

3. Once the certificate is generated, a copy of it will be sent to you via email too. To activate the certificate you need to install it. You can either paste the certificate or browse it and upload it automatically.

4. Reload your website to check if the certificate is installed. If it is, you’ll see https instead of http in your url.

Enabling SSL on cPanel using WHM full root access is a simple process and enabling it assures your customers that both your website and business are secure as well as genuine.




This is to bring to your notice that starting 24th November 2017, we will be disabling new purchases for Virtual Private Servers on Virtuozzo Servers as we have a superior version of VPS (KVM Based) in store for your business. To ensure uninterrupted services, we are offering you our upgraded KVM based VPS Servers.

This new version of VPS offers you:

  • Better performance & isolation
  • More resources at better prices
  • Quick Provisioning
  • All the latest hardware with Solid State Drives

Check out our plans and prices on KVM VPS

CPU 2 CPU Cores 2 CPU Cores 3 CPU Cores 4 CPU Cores
Bandwidth 1 TB 2 TB 3 TB 3 TB
IPs 1 IP 1 IP 1 IP
Price $29.99/mo $53.99/mo $92.99/mo $112.99/mo

KVM VPS Hosting

Please note

  • All current orders are unaffected by this change

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to get in touch with us

Stay tuned for more updates!

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