How to Turn Down Customer Requests Courteously

On our social media, we often joke approximately what number of modifications we as developers & designers get hold of from clients with the hashtag #webdesignerproblems.

Funny as it could be, in real existence, it is able to be frustrating to must re-do pix or put into effect the consumer’s changes because he’s both uncertain of what he wants or is over ambitious or simply, tough to thrill.

In this text, we’ll discuss how to show down such requests courteously (this applies to any type of purchaser request).

Genuinely listen for your patron’s request

First off, hear your patron out. Hearing him out shall we your customer recognize he’s valued and essential. By listen, I imply, take down his request, determine his requirement, the urgency and the significance.

Once you’ve heard your client out and evaluated that you cannot take the up the venture, then continue to address the request with alternatives that is tactic no. 2.

Try an opportunity

Instead of pronouncing an outright “no” which can appear rude, discover a manner to turn down a request in a fine way. You can try this via asking the purchaser or consumer a few questions like:

  • Why do you want to do this?
  • What resolution are you expecting?

Asking questions like those carry to your client that you’re attempting your first-rate to work matters out. Surprisingly, from time to time the patron may think he desires one factor but should really want some thing else. In the meantime, look for alternative answers instead of his actual outcome. Ask your self what paintings around you may discover.

Explain what you may do

In different phrases, be sincere. Now, yes you don’t should oblige each request you get (that’s the factor of this text) but again, as opposed to a “no”, explain in your purchaser why you may’t soak up his request.

Explaining it to him we could him recognize you’ve taken into consideration his request however regrettably, can’t offer the exact final results that he’s looking forward to due to time or bandwidth constraints. Explaining allows hold the rapport you have with the customer at the same time as still being sensible approximately your paintings.

Make positive your rejection e-mail is apparent

Sometimes it’s tough to deliver a great-intentioned message on e-mail as email doesn’t deliver tone (Fun reality, Fox Type is an internet app that honestly analyzes how well mannered or impolite your message is).

While rejecting consumer requests on e-mail, make sure:

  • You thank the consumer for his request
  • Make positive you’re clean approximately declining the request
  • Mention what you may do
  • Reaffirm your answer at the quit


I hope I’ve controlled to offer you some course with rejecting requests civilly. Pro tip: Pick and choose which of them to reject. It’s OK to reject customer requests in those eventualities:

  • Too many / unreasonable changes from the client
  • Lack of bandwidth/ sources to absorb a brand new purchaser
  • Beyond mentioned scope of work (In this situation, I propose pitching this as an ‘improve’ at an extra rate)
  • Breach of a policy, non-compete

Addressing the ‘unlimited’

Many brands and groups provide ‘limitless’ services which nearly constantly may have gentle limits and continues to be difficult to an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). If you’re going to be supplying an ‘unlimited’ service, make certain you communicate this to your customers so tackle a couple of or unreasonable requests.

Let us know within the feedback segment in case you’ve were given more tips.

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