The jungle of TLDs is ever expanding. The number of new TLDs registrations has just crossed the 4 million mark & is expected to grow even more! So with 4 million TLDs & counting, here’s why .XYZ stands out:

1. Hugely Popular: .XYZ is the largest, most affordable & fastest growing domain extension for every website. It has been coined the next ‘.COM’ by NPR & VentureBeat. .XYZ has a global distribution in America, Asia, Europe & beyond! .XYZ has more than 767,800 registrations by individuals & businesses across the globe.

Because ‘XYZ’ is a daily used, common term, .XYZ as a TLD is flexible, versatile & easily remembered. The three letter extension is also becoming increasingly popular like its three letter predecessors, the .COMs, .NETs & the .ORGs.

2. One for All: Since .XYZ is so generic, it makes perfect sense to be used by individuals and industries from cupcakes & rainbows to technology & death metal.

.XYZ is not limited to countries, geographical zones, industries or businesses. Inclusivity in the .XYZ TLD extends to everyone in every generation. It combines Generation X, Y and Z to create a new Internet generation with limitless possibilities.

3. Attractive Offers: If you aren’t already convinced that .XYZ is great for your business & for your customers, we’re offering .XYZ at a great discount price of $ 1.42 till 31st May 2017.

The choices with .XYZ are enormous & if your business doesn’t seem to fall in all the other 3,999,999 TLDs, we assure you, it does in the .XYZ extension! The English alphabet ends with XYZ, the domain name should too.

Click here to DOWNLOAD the .XYZ media kit.

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