We are glad to get this opportunity to share our experience regarding the Website Builder Product we offer.
To be very honest, we have been offering Website Builder since the past 1 and half year now but we must admit that it has always been an underlined Product for not only our Customers but for us too..!

Being such an inexpensive product, we thought there wasn’t too much profit in it, hence the lack of focus.
but now, looking at the way Website Builder is growing over the Internet, we have Specialized Teams which deliberate in thorough research and development of this Product for you. In our recent study for this product, we came up with some interesting facts which we would like to share with you:

As per the latest statistics for the year, we found that there’s been an increase of over 120% in the usage of the Website builder tool for creating websites, as opposed to a 20% increase in the number of websites created by professional designers.

The amazing growth of the number of websites in the internet is stupendous. A user friendly, well designed website is one of the greatest assets imaginable today for any business, organization or community group.

Today, there are Millions of Websites (around 10 million to be precise) live on the internet but very few resources available from where you can get a website created instantly.

With this growing need of having an online presence on the internet, people do anything to have a customized website designed for their respective needs. However, they have very few options to do so. Building a Website without a Website Builder tool requires advanced HTML/CSS and some JavaScript coding knowledge. Obviously, designing could be outsourced to specialized Web Designers. However the industry is fast moving from outsourcing to DIY solutions. It’s not a surprise then that Website Builder tools are getting more popular by the day.

Our Website Builder Team put forward these and many more interesting observations which made us realize the importance of this Product over the Internet today. And now, we won’t say much except that we have already DOUBLED our numbers in less than a month to what we did in almost half a year!

Through this blog, we will keep updating you with more and more features over and above the latest upgrade which we just completed! (We hope you are aware of this… if not, what are you waiting for? Check it out now.
It’s a complete revamp from our old website builder! ) Till then… Cheers!

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