BRING IN THE SAVERS WITH .COUPONS No matter if you are an extreme couponer or use them only occasionally, it’s always exciting to save money. .COUPONS can connect web visitors with great deals and opportunities to save big. Online stores can use a .COUPONS domain to offer shoppers great deals, Read More

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PICTURE YOURSELF ONLINE WITH .PHOTOGRAPHY Whether you’re a professional photographer, a photo studio, a print shop, or simply a photography enthusiast, a .PHOTOGRAPHY domain is perfect for your photography pursuits. Why choose a .PHOTOGRAPHY domain? With .PHOTOGRAPHY, you can create an easy-to-find webpage for sharing your favorite photos. .PHOTOGRAPHY is Read More

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From journalists and bloggers to news corporations and publishers, .PRESS is a perfect namespace for news and editorial content. Why choose a .PRESS domain? Individuals can use .PRESS as a destination for their blog, whether they’re working on an independent, freelance capacity or as an employee of a newspaper or Read More

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BRING TOGETHER STUDENTS, UNIVERSITIES, AND PROFESSORS WITH .COURSES Universities and professors can connect with current and prospective students with a .COURSES domain. Incoming students can register for upcoming classes or access resources for a course they are currently enrolled in. Why choose a .COURSES domain? Current and prospective students can Read More

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TAKE YOUR PASSION FOR .LIFE ONLINE Life is one of the most expansive words in the English language, and the possibilities for .LIFE domain names are endless. It could be used in the context of a lifelong calling or passion, in a health or life saving context, or in any Read More

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AN INTERNATIONAL AUDIENCE IS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS WITH .WORLD With the .WORLD domain, you can tell your website visitors that your content appeals to an audience from around the globe. International companies or competitions can use .WORLD to highlight global participation and charities can use it to encourage users to Read More

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SHOW YOUR EXPERTISE WITH .GURU .GURU is an off-beat TLD that opens the door to fun and creative usage. It’s perfect for anyone who gives advice on any topic – dating.GURU, diy.GURU, or fixit.GURU are all possibilities. Why choose a .GURU domain? For the more traditional meaning, this extension can Read More

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AN EXCITING NEW DOMAIN FOR BUSINESSES: .COMPANY .COMPANY is a business-focused domains that offers companies an additional option beyond existing domains like .BIZ and .CO. It’s a credible, professional domain that is perfect if your business or organization has “company” in its name. Why choose a .COMPANY domain? If your Read More

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THE CCTLD FOR THE UNITED KINGDOM: .UK The .UK domain is a ccTLD (country code top level domain), and the Internet country code for the United Kingdom. Why choose a .UK domain? Extremely popular within the United Kingdom, and one of the most popular TLDs worldwide Market your business in Read More

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.FR DOMAINS: THE CCTLD FOR FRANCE The .FR domain is the official country-code domain for France, but is used by French-speakers all over the world. According to Afnic, more than 3 million, businesses, individuals, and organizations use the .FR domain to communicate to a French audience. Why choose a .FR Read More

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THE VIRTUAL SPACE FOR ALL THINGS SCOTTISH: .SCOT Why choose a .SCOT domain name? D’ye speak Scots? Then a .SCOT domain is perfect for you. The .SCOT domain provides a web center for all things Scottish, as well as a hub for the cultural preservation of Scottish traditions, from cultures Read More

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.HOMES DOMAINS: GRAB YOUR PIECE OF ONLINE REAL ESTATE When it comes to real estate, it’s all about location both offline and online. The .HOMES domain is ideal for listing details about your home during a for-sale-by-owner deal, showcasing your clients’ homes as a real estate agent, or offering home Read More

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