.airforce Domain

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Fly high with a .airforce domain name

A domain for active or veteran members of the armed forces and the people who care about them.

Create a personal portfolio or blog about your experience in the Air Force.

Veteran support groups
Veteran assistance groups that help with job placement, PTSD treatment, and more can connect with veterans in this specific niche.

Those with sons, daughters, grandchildren, or other family members in the Air Force can use this domain to share updates about them while they are deployed.

Historians with a specialization in military or airforce history can indicate their area of study with a .AIRFORCE domain.

Whether you’re on active duty or a veteran, a .AIRFORCE domain name is a great way to combine your online presence with your military efforts. It’s one of the simplest ways to add unique branding and appeal to a specific niche—anyone who sees your domain will know that your website includes Air Force-related content.

Why choose a .AIRFORCE domain extension?

  • If you’re creating a personal website, a .AIRFORCE domain name is much more unique and memorable than a generic domain name like .COM. There’s also great availability, so you can get the exact name you want, like firstnamelastname.airforce.
  • Veterans, veteran support groups, and any other individual or organization with an interest in the Air Force can take advantage of a .AIRFORCE domain name.


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