“Someone can always do your job a little better or faster or cheaper than you can.”- Seth Godin

The marketing guru’s statement echoes the sentiments of the current trends in business. Most webmasters feel growing pains when they need to expand from their existing setup to a larger one. But, the pinch or the impact truly strikes when a competitor offers the same service with better deals and faster speed online. Your competitor has probably moved onto a dedicated server.

A Dedicated Server Brings your Business Up To Speed

Dedicated server hosting usually involves a single computer which is dedicated towards the needs of a particular network. By having a server that is dedicated towards hosting, storing data or even communicating with other computers, businesses have the advantage of space, time and future resources. Here’s a look at the advantages of having a dedicated server.

Dedicated or shared?

Managed dedicated server hosting is practically viable despite being a bit more expensive than shared server hosting. When it comes to the decision-making process for a shared server or a dedicated server, check for factors that will make it easier for your business to propel ahead. We give a detailed run-down of the difference between dedicated and shared servers.


Choosing the one:

Choosing between a dedicated server and a shared server one should be practically easy. In an effort to choose convenience and low cost, most businesses choose to go with shared servers. Yet, despite the cost aspect, there are some definite advantages of having dedicated servers. So, if you are going to choose a dedicated server instead of a shared server, then, look out for these factors to improve your decision-making process. Here’s what need to check out on your server:

  • Check the compatibility of the OS in your server. Also, the open source stack involves should be vetted out for Ruby on Rails, Linux or even an Apache/php/mysql server.
  • By deciding on the technology stack, you can evaluate the amount of RAM that you need for your architecture.
  • To deal with performance issues, its best that you choose a dedicated server such as those offered by recognized server providers like the ones at the ResellerBytes.
  • In order to host images, videos or any other multimedia options like flash applications, its best to choose a server that offers the optimal bandwidth and disk space.
  • Check for monthly prices and setup costs. Compare the rates for software licensing, upgrades and parts, apart from other management plans and additional services.

Featuring amongst the top of the lists of the best providers of dedicated servers is the ResellerBytes. Compared to relatively good providers like Godaddy.com, ResellerBytes is more popular for the following three reasons:

  • Flexibility: ResellerBytes dedicated servers are designed to suit the needs of those involved in web hosting for personal use or for any business.
  • Fair prices: If you thought that dedicated server web hosting is expensive business, move away from the other providers and check out the latest offerings from ResellerBytes.
  • Reliable and bankable support: When it comes to the close to zero downtime and round the clock support, then it’s time that you ring up the support staff at the ResellerBytes.

As the statistics show, 62% of all websites in Alexa Top 10k by traffic are hosted on Dedicated Servers.

Lastly, the choice of the ideal server is it dedicated or shared should be determined only the conditions those that are unique to your business or personal use. Don’t hesitate to hunt for the ideal distributor of servers that follow the conditions based on your requirements.

So, you have registered your .COM domain name. What do you do next? Is that all? Of course not! If you’re planning to register more than one domain name, you’re absolutely right. A strong online presence is essential in order to attract more customers and improve conversions. Specific domain names closely associated with your product or services can have the massive impact on your users, thereby giving a boost to the success of your business. For this and many other reasons, most business these days go for multiple domains.

Host Multiple Domains with ResellerBytes Shared Hosting

Amongst a handful of domain extensions present today, including .net, .org, .biz, and .info, it is important that you consider at least a few of them. Here are some reasons why:

Reduce Competition

More often than not, people recollect your brand name but not necessarily your website. So, whenever your consumers have to visit your business’ website, there are chances that they might forget the domain extension, whether it is .com, .in, or .biz, or .net. And so, it’s imperative that you register multiple domain extensions for your primary domain. This will ensure that your online identity is secure, thereby keeping your competitors from purchasing the alternative extensions of your domain.

Target Different Audiences

When you register a country specific top-level domain, such as .CO.UK, .US, .CA, or .IN, you get to design your website content in a way which specifically targets users based on their location. This helps especially when your business operates in specific countries. These country specific extensions will let the visitors know that you have a presence in those locations. It has been observed that consumers are more comfortable dealing with companies that have a presence within their region.

Having more than one extensions for your website has an added advantage, and it doesn’t take much efforts either. Instead of creating a separate website for each of the extensions, all you need to do is, simply forward visitors to each of these extensions to your primary website.

Protect Your Brands Online Presence

No business would want their competitors to capitalizing on their efforts. It is likely that your other companies would be siphoning traffic from your website simply because they’ve registered a domain names that looks closely associated to your brand. Identify such domains and register them before someone else does. It’s an inexpensive way of making sure your target consumers land to your brand page, ultimately improving the traffic on your website.

Identify Common Misspelling

Identify common misspellings that are most likely to be linked to your brand name. Register those typos as domains. These additional domains will help you redirect visitors looking for your main website, ensuring they end up at their intended website.

Taking some time off to carefully think about a domain registration strategy is a cost-effective way of protecting your online existence. Using more than one domains will also give users more ways to find you on the web, making your brand more dynamic and visible. Besides, this gives you more options to get listed in search engines.

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The phrase ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) seems to have caught Tech World by storm! It has been a topic of serious debate in technology circles and has steadily gathered steam in the past few months! So what is the (IoT) wave all about? Is it just another buzzword or will it really alter the course of the Internet as we know it? Let’s get some perspective…

What is the Internet of Things?

Imagine that you need to get to work early for a business meeting and you are running a little late. Let’s say you had a sensor/alarm clock in your bed that would notify other devices that you are awake. This would in turn would open up the drapes, get the coffee machine running, and switch on the water heater for your shower. If you have forgotten to turn off the lights/fans because you left home in a hurry, motion sensors will turn them off, thus saving you a lot on electricity bills. Wow, that sounds really exciting, straight out of a sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? Some parts of this are already reality and more are just round the corner! By transferring this kind of technology to everyday objects and equipping them with their own sensors, IPs and access to the Internet, it would help us make develop a smarter home and smarter life!

This, in essence, is IoT. Kevin Ashton is said to have coined the phrase ‘Internet of Things’, and while there are several definitions of IoT floating around the Web, the basic concept is that the Internet is a vast ecosystem of ‘smart’ everyday objects that interact with each other through the Internet.

But how is IoT and a smart home relevant to us and our Industry? In other words, what’s in it for us?

In 2008, the number of devices that were connected to the internet was more than the number of people living on the planet.  A majority of these were devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops etc communicate with each other over the Internet. The number of devices connected to the internet is expected to touch 26 billion by 2020 and as IoT becomes more and more pervasive, there is a lot at stake for the DataCentre Industry and Web Service Providers like us. Here’s why:

Data influx & Higher demand for Efficient Storage Technologies

IoT deployments are speculated to generate a large amount of Data Influx. This Data will need to be processed and analyzed in real time. Given the projected increase in Data in a relatively short period of time, the demand for scalable Internet Infrastructure, and higher storage capacity will only increase, which will further propel Storage Management technologies & server technologies. The magnitude of network connections and data associated with the IoT will accelerate a distributed datacenter management approach that will call for Web service providers like us to offer reliable data storage facilities and efficient system management platforms.

Addressability of Devices in the IoT

Addressability of devices in the IoT is a crucial aspect that is being explored by a few leading Industry players. The Internet ran out of IPv4 addresses in 2010, and while no major impact of this was visible to us, IPv6 deployment will take the centre stage as potentially billions of new sensors will require unique IP addresses.

Verisign’s Object Naming Service (ONS) is a model put forth to tackle the question of addressability from a different angle. ONS is a central registry that stores IP addresses of all the servers that hold EPC (Electronic Product Codes) transmitted by RFID tags. These codes allow individuals to look up information about specific objects across a distributed supply chain. As IoT becomes more and more ubiquitous, it will be interesting to observe how this technology is mirrored and maintained for everyday objects in our home akin to the DNS Service for Domains. Who knows, ONS could also potentially become an additional source of revenue for Web Services providers like us!

New gTLDs in the Internet of Things

ICANNs New gTLD Program is touted as the Internet’s biggest Game Changer. Tie this in with the Internet of Things, and the possibilities are seemingly endless! For starters, imagine if you could access and modify the temperature controls in your refrigerator through a URL like http://www.tedsicebox.fridge. This is just the tip of the iceberg. For brands that manufacture these products, this could be a great way to increase brand personalization with brand specific URLs and extensions.

The road ahead for IoT is still pretty uncertain. It remains to be seen how soon this becomes an integral part of our existence. However the possibilities and projections are extremely promising! If anything, three recent developments indicate that Internet Pioneers are betting big on this –

  • Google’s recent acquisition of Nest Labs (a home automation company) for $3.2 billion,
  • Microsoft’s latest launch of Windows for the Internet of Things
  • Apple’s iBeacon that allows Apps to send customized messages/promotions/coupon codes to users, based on their current location or past history,

Perhaps this next wave of the Internet will be upon on us sooner than we can possibly imagine. Stay tuned! Let us know what you think about IoT in the comments below!

Open-Xchange develops, markets and sells web-based communication enabling complete integration of email, documents, scheduling and social media. Founded in 2005, Open-Xchange provides its consumers with open and customizable, cloud-based products. These products help service providers facilitate their users with scalable and self-branded services with the help of a customer engagement platform.

Open-Xchange offers a high-end email solution for businesses and everyday people. Business can make the most out of this shared collaboration space to attain more success, by giving users access to what they want, no matter where they are. This way, Open-Xchange is changing the way millions of people communicate with each other and share their digital lives online. Having years of experience in creating open-source software, Open-Xchange considers that it is only through the creation of open products and services that the next-gen innovations can immerge on the web.

Growing with the Internet

Open-Xchange is not simply a webmail product. It is an email solution that is expanding its base over the Internet. The main objective is to facilitate quick and easy communication anywhere, anytime. Small businesses with multiple employees can easily integrate Open-Xchange to collaborate with colleagues, facilitating smoother business communications. Such a level of professionalism often leads to success in business.

The OX App Suite Advantage

OX App Suite is a flexible platform offering a wide variety of cloud-based services right from email, text, voice & video messaging, to file sharing, collaboration, and time management. It is available in a hosted and an on-premise solution.

OX App Suite offers an extremely scalable customer engagement platform that boosts sales, increases revenue, and helps in customer retention. It is a quick, viable and highly reliable set of productivity tool that gives a boost to your customers’ business. Here’s what it has to offer:

Mail – Collaborative Email Platform – A powerful, spontaneous yet simple-to-use interface. Open-Xchange allows users to check emails as well as contacts from MS Outlook®, Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail accounts on a single platform. It integrates personal emails, contacts, calendar, and appointments all at one place.

Mobile – Access to Business Resources Anytime – Open-Xchange automatically syncs emails, contacts, and schedules to linked mobile devices facilitating smoother work collaboration, no matter where you are. A smooth interface and top-notch design make it easy to manage multiple email accounts and offers quick accessibility to business productivity tools.

Collaborate – Quick business productivity tools – Open-Xchange also allows individuals and teams to be more productive, within or outside the office hours by integrating email, address books, and appointments with information management and document sharing tools.

Open-Xchange is thus changing the way of communication between people.

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