The Internet of Things (IoT) has steadily transformed the way daily duties are completed. Take clever homing for example. People can start their cooling devices remotely thru their mobile phones. This in advance was once viable through an SMS, but nowadays the net has made it less difficult. Apart from supplying smarter solutions for houses and housing communities, IoT has additionally been used as a device in enterprise environments across numerous industries. However, with the number of large records, this is generated with the aid of IoT, a whole lot of stress is placed on the internet infrastructure. This has made businesses and companies search for a choice that might reduce this load.

Enter cloud computing- an on-call for delivery of computing energy, database garage, applications and IT sources. It enables businesses to devour a computer resource, like a digital gadget (VM) instead of building a computing infrastructure on premise.

Today, cloud computing has greater or much less penetrated mainstream IT and its infrastructure. Many tech biggies which include Amazon, Alibaba, Google, and Oracle are constructing device studying gear with the assist of cloud era to offer a huge range of solutions to businesses globally. This article objectives to tell you about the role of cloud computing in IoT and why IoT and cloud computing are inseparable.

How IoT and cloud complement each other

Cloud computing, as well as IoT, work closer to growing the performance of everyday tasks and both, have a complementary relationship. On one hand, IoT generates masses of records even as however, cloud computing paves way for this statistics to tour. There are many cloud carriers who take gain of this to offer a pay-as-you-use version wherein clients pay for the precise assets used. Also, cloud hosting as a provider provides value to IoT startups by supplying economies of scale to lessen their universal fee shape.

In addition to this, cloud computing also enables higher collaboration for developers, that’s the order of the day within the IoT area. By facilitating developers to store as well as get admission to data remotely, the cloud allows builders to implement tasks straight away. Also, through storing information within the cloud, IoT groups can get right of entry to a huge amount of Big Data. So, in a bid to lay down the connection between IoT and cloud, here’s a table so one can permit you to understand how they suit every other like a glove.

Parameter Internet of things Cloud computing
Big Data Acts as a source for big data Acts as a way or a means to manage big data
Reachability Very limited Far spread, wide
Storage Limited or almost none Large, virtually never ending
Role of Internet Acts as a point of convergence Acts as a means for delivering services
Computing capabilities Limited Virtually unlimited
Components Runs on hardware components Runs on virtual machines which imitate hardware components

Why is Cloud essential to the success of IoT?

Just like cloud computing is constructed on the tenets of velocity and scale, IoT packages are built on the precept of mobility and significant networking. Hence, it’s far critical that both cloud and IoT shape cloud-based IoT packages in a bid to make the most out in their mixture. This alliance has brought about the achievement of IoT. In addition to this, right here are some greater tips as to why the cloud is important from the point of view of IoT’s achievement.

Provides faraway processing electricity

Cloud as a generation empowers IoT to move beyond everyday appliances along with air conditioners, refrigerators and so forth. This is because the cloud has the sort of tremendous storage that it takes away dependencies on on-premise infrastructure. With the upward push of miniaturization and transition of 4G to better net speeds, the cloud will permit builders to dump speedy computing methods.

Provides security and privacy

IoT’s role in harnessing mobility is mammoth. However, its prowess would be incomplete without safety. Cloud has made IoT more cozy with preventive, detective and corrective controls. It has enabled customers with robust safety features via offering effective authentication and encryption protocols. In addition to this, coping with and securing the identity of customers has been feasible for IoT products with the assist of biometrics. All of this is feasible due to cloud’s safety.

Removes access barrier for web hosting companies

Today, many innovations within the discipline of IoT are searching at plug-and-play website hosting services. Which is why the cloud is a great healthy for IoT. Hosting provider ought no longer to rely upon massive gadget or even any form of hardware so that it will not help the agility IoT devices require. With the cloud, maximum website hosting vendors can allow their clients a prepared-to-roll model, doing away with entry limitations for them.

Facilitates inter-device communication

Cloud acts as a bridge within the shape of a mediator or communique facilitator on the subject of IoT. Many powerful APIs like Cloudflare, CloudCache, and Dropstr are enabled by way of cloud communications, allowing easy linking to smartphones. This eases gadgets to speak to every different and not just us, which essentially is the guideline of IoT cloud.

It could be honest to mention that cloud can accelerate the growth of IoT. However, deploying cloud technology additionally has certain demanding situations and shortcomings. Not because the cloud is flawed as a technology however the mixture of IoT cloud can burden users with a few barriers. If you ever pass in advance with an IoT cloud solution, it is higher if you recognise the sort of demanding situations you may face in advance.

What are the challenges posed through cloud and IoT collectively?

Handling a huge quantity of information

Handling a large amount of records can be overwhelming particularly while there are thousands and thousands of devices in the photograph. This is due to the fact the general performance of applications is at stake. Hence, following the NoSQL motion may be useful, however it isn’t always attempted and examined for the long term. Which is why there exists no sound or fool-evidence technique for the cloud to manage big records.

Networking and communique protocols

Cloud and IoT involve device-to-gadget communications among many special sorts of devices having numerous protocols. Managing this kind of a variation may be tough on the grounds that a majority of application regions do now not contain mobility. As of now WiFi and Bluetooth are used as a forestall-gap strategy to facilitate mobility to a positive extent.

Sensor networks

Sensor networks have amplified the advantages of IoT. These networks have allowed customers to degree, infer and understand delicate indicators from the surroundings. However, well-timed processing of a massive amount of this sensor records has been a main assignment. Though cloud offers a brand new possibility in aggregating sensor records it additionally hinders the development because of protection and privacy issues.


The integration of cloud computing and IoT is indicative of the following huge soar in the world of internet. New applications brimming from this mixture known as IoT Cloud are beginning more recent avenues for business in addition to studies. Let us wish that this mixture unveils a brand new paradigm for the future of multi-networking and an open provider platform for users.

We desire which you realize what function cloud as a era can play in unlocking IoT’s authentic potential. If you’ve got any doubts approximately- What is the role of cloud computing in IoT? Please experience loose to go away your feedback within the feedback segment under.

In considering one of my in advance articles, I had included one of the simple questions that come to thoughts whilst considering moving to the Cloud – how secure is cloud storage? And I found out notwithstanding the myths surrounding it, the cloud is as relaxed as any online service can be. However, there are constantly malicious entities looking for attacking a vulnerability. One can minimize any such state of affairs, by means of using some cloud-based totally protection solutions.

In this article, I’ll be overlaying the reasons to pick Cloud-based totally security for your firm and the pinnacle cloud security solutions.

Why Opt for Cloud-Based Security Solutions
It doesn’t count whether or not you’re a startup or a longtime company if you’re connected to the internet you’re prone to cyber attacks. Hence, it’s far vital to be vigilant and defend your community from hackers. One manner is to rent Cloud-primarily based safety solutions as they’re always on hand. These answers provide to assist cozy your internet site within the following approaches:

  • Cloud-primarily based security has higher monitoring and monitoring of assaults than non-cloud primarily based safety answers. They provide actual-time firewall and signature updates blocking off dangerous site visitors.
  • Provides 24*7 safety and stay tracking of the internet site by using encryption and tech help.
  • Apart from the software and community scanning Cloud-based security answers additionally enhance the overall performance of your website pace by permitting CDN.

Now, that we’ve seen the benefits of cloud-based safety, allow’s see the pinnacle five cloud security solutions.

1) Sophos
Established in the 12 months 1985, Sophos is a Security Company that offers cloud answers like encryption, firewall, mobile and web safety, and many others. Its cloud-based console is referred to as Sophos Central.

Features that Sophos gives:

  • Sophos Central affords runtime safety towards assaults like ransomware, preventing outside DLLs to load, mitigating exploits within the internet, java programs, plugins etc.
  • Provides security answers like web, email, wi-fi, mobiles, encryption, web servers and many others.

2) SiteLock
Established within the year 2008, SiteLock secures over 12+ million websites all across the globe. It is a cloud-based totally safety solution that protects websites from malware and other cyber threats.

Features that SiteLock offers:

  • SiteLock offers internet site protection with the aid of scanning vulnerabilities, detecting and eliminating malware, backdoors, and towards assaults like DDoS, SQLi & XSS.
  • It additionally offers static & dynamic caching, global CDN (Content Delivery Network) and load balancing thereby, accelerating and enhancing internet site overall performance.

3) Proofpoint
Established within the year 2002, Proofpoint is any other main cloud primarily based security answer offering safety in opposition to numerous cybersecurity threats. It is a protection and compliance company presenting cloud primarily based encryption support and answer.

Features that Proofpoint offers:

  • Proofpoint gives SaaS, email, social, attacks from electronic mail attachments and cell answer from centered cyber threats.
  • It protects touchy commercial enterprise facts through cloud email safety, imparting answers to small business and digital manufacturers.

4) Qualys
Established in the yr 1999, Qualys is some other relaxed cloud answers company that gives security on your web and device apps, compliance and associated offerings. It enables facts safety by using identifying compromised belongings and securing them.

Features that Qualys offers:

  • Qualys gives quit-to-stop answers like Cloud Infrastructure Security, Web App security, compliance, Endpoint safety, DevSecOps and so forth maintaining your groups in sync with every other.
  • Offers safety and reliability across public and personal clouds, Vulnerability Management, Threat Protection, File Integrity Monitoring, and so forth.

5) CipherCloud
Established in the 12 months 2010, CipherCloud is another famous cloud-based totally security agency throughout the three cloud models – IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. It helps in protecting your records with the aid of monitoring and reading it.

Features that CipherCloud offers:

  • CipherCloud offers services across diverse sectors like government, telecommunication, pharmaceutical companies and so forth. It protects famous cloud packages like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Office 365 and many others.
  • Some of the offerings CipherCloud offers are stopping records loss, cloud encryption gateway, cloud computing and related safety, tokenization and so forth.

The following 5 have been my choices for the pinnacle cloud primarily based protection answers. Different Cloud safety solutions have special capabilities and pricing. When deciding on a protection answer, determine out your needs and then pick the only this is great for you. Take care that the solution you pick offers you good enough aid and monitoring.

Also, if you’re a new startup who’s but to figure out which cloud security method to spend money on, one primary protection can be choosing the proper cloud web hosting. As right website hosting can go a long way in presenting you additional security from hackers.

Go again to a few suitable old years and you would have heard a commonplace trouble, ‘my hard disk is full I don’t realize wherein to keep my records anymore.’ These matters now sound alien, don’t they? After all, with the arrival of cloud, this problem has disappeared. However, it wasn’t until a few years later that humans really started trusting the cloud and the use of it. And well after they did, there has been no turning again.

According to a recent survey, 96% net users hire the offerings of Cloud that is a clear indication that a massive majority of data is saved at the Cloud. However, the query of the hour is how comfy is the cloud? Or a more apt query could be how secure is your information at the Cloud? Also, does Cloud protection range from one provider to any other?

In this submit, we’ll walk you thru the importance of Cloud garage security and what must Cloud vendors do to ensure protective their customers.

Importance of Secure Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage has several blessings like digital scalable hardware, low infrastructure price and so on.

One instance of this is of the extreme subject for online enterprise owners is how secure is the Cloud? Or what if a malware or a malicious attacker hacks their machine and steals all their sensitive statistics? Moreover, this situation has accelerated with assaults like Ransomware inside the beyond and reinforces the need for tight safety.

When it comes to Cloud, all the servers are interconnected to every other with the aid of a network cluster and there is no unmarried factor of failure. With this tightly coupled characteristic, hackers find it very tough to crack and smash into the device. A sturdy Cloud garage facility has to come geared up with excessive-stop intrusion detection mechanism and block the access of malicious codes and assaults.

How Secure is the Cloud

Having seen the importance of cloud garage we are able to say that maximum of the cloud garage offerings we keep our statistics on are relaxed. Be it Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud and so forth each software has its personal set of safety mechanisms in the vicinity.

One of the approaches, cloud carriers at ease the user’s records is by means of encryption. The facts is stored in an encrypted format that could want a key to decrypt and recognize. It is almost not possible to break in and discover the key. However, as a consumer, it’s far secure to say prevention is better than therapy and it’s far really helpful that you hire sure practices for securing your records at the neighborhood side.

Let’s cover three simple and essential practices that can help preserve your records safe over the cloud:

  • Encryption
    Although while choosing the cloud garage provider, you may have selected the one this is nicely encrypted so one can save you hackers. One way to secure your facts in the cloud is to encrypt your information as nicely and keep it on the server. This way there is a double barrier layer that restricts the hacker from gaining access to your data. Choose an encryption provider that lets you encrypt your facts before importing it from the cloud.
  • Safe Sharing
    Should you want to present every person access to the statistics uploaded to your cloud, do now not send them your replica. What you could do rather is create a local copy of the document and share that as an alternative. This way if the reproduction gets in the palms of an interloper it can’t be misused to infiltrate your machine.
  • Security
    Finally, one of the most effective but left out approaches to shielding your facts is to have a strong password and consider to never share your password with all and sundry. Also, you may have a 2-factor authentication. This enables if your cloud password gets leaked, at this sort of time the hacker can’t gain get admission to on your account. Should they try to login you’ll be without delay notified.

Handling Cloud Storage Security on Cloud Hosting

Now that we’ve visible how secure is the cloud and approaches to comfy our data at the cloud, allow us to pass to a unique angle of the cloud. Cloud Hosting is some other form of cloud storage with regards to website hosting our internet site’s records. Every Cloud Hosting issuer has one of a kind protection mechanisms with regards to presenting a comfy Cloud platform. This consists of Automatic backups, safety plugins and protection, anti-viruses and additionally the overall storage structure.

We at ResellerBytes strive to attend to all this by way of presenting you with secure and relaxed Cloud Storage capabilities. We make certain you get the maximum safety as we’ve incorporated cPanel with our Cloud Hosting, accordingly you can leverage the security functions of cPanel too. Let us have a examine them in the element,

  • Ceph Storage:
    Ceph Storage is an open-supply unfastened garage software program that boosts scalability and improves the overall performance on your device. With ResellerBytes we’ve got integrated Ceph Storage with our Cloud Hosting applications for super reliability and same garage distribution. Furthermore, Ceph Storage offers 3N redundancy thereby, ensuring there’s no unmarried factor of failure and your records are secure in our Cloud.
  • ClamAV Antivirus
    ClamAV is an open source antivirus software and protects your server from malicious viruses for email and report-supervisor uploads. It is go-platform and helps diverse working systems. To provide you with extra security, you could deploy ClamAV on your Linux cPanel in WHM account in your Cloud Hosting. Check out this publish to learn how to install ClamAV on your Linux cPanel account.
  • Hotlink Protection
    Hotlink Protection is a device that allows you to block other websites from stealing the bandwidth out of your bundle. Hotlink Protection may be effortlessly found for your cPanel Security tab where you as a consumer can decide whether or not to allow or disable it. This is a further function and can grow to become on or off depending on your requirement.
  • Leech Protection
    Another way of securing your Cloud Storage is by enabling Leech Protection. In Leech Protection, if a consumer exceeds the most number of logins then the machine redirects or suspends the user. Leech Protection offers your internet site safety from Brute-Force attack wherein the person is denied limitless logins. Also, Leech Protection is beneficial in case your login credentials are made public. You can enable Leech Protection inside the safety tab of your cPanel account.
  • SFTP
    SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol. Our Linux Cloud servers come with SFTP option to preserve your cloud storage as well as document transfer at ease.

Tips on enhancing Cloud Security

Although your Cloud Storage issuer might deal with securing the information hosted on their cloud. You as a user too should realize the way to comfy your cloud garage. Follow these guidelines and also you won’t have to absolutely depend on the Cloud company.

  • Always take backups of your facts, in fact, automated backup is suggested as it is failsafe, need to you forget about to take a backup. Codeguard is one correct choice to take automated backup and repair your internet site’s data in case of a protection breach.
  • Another manner to relaxed your Cloud storage is to maintain your website secure from assaults from hackers. Although with ResellerBytes we offer you secure safety, including an additional internet site protection for your touchy information is a good choice. SiteLock gives virus safety and malware elimination even as SSL certificates builds consider and offers reliability.
  • Research approximately your carrier issuer nicely and additionally where their datacenter vicinity is. This may seem a long way-fetched, however, is similarly essential. If your web hosting facts middle has located some distance from wherein your client base it, your website load time may additionally suffer mild put off leading to consumer loss.

In Summary:
Different Cloud carriers have unique features and pricing. When deciding that’s nice for you, take care that you don’t just move on the pricing, however, check different touchy statistics like safety characteristic and support. At the cease, there is no exact solution to how at ease is the Cloud Storage but you may surely take a degree and do adequate research.

If you’ve got any questions, sense unfastened to attain out to us by using leaving a remark below or contacting our sales executives.

In today’s day and age phrases like ‘mobile software’ and ‘cloud’ are growing pretty a stir. Each day there is a few new software in the market with the aim of turning in the satisfactory performance to their users. Mobile backend offerings help acquire this by building a better infrastructure.

What is BaaS?

These days most cellular applications want a backend that’s related to the net. BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service) is the provider that helps permit that, assisting you manage the centralized database and permitting your users to proportion content thru the cloud. BaaS presents the backend for cell packages, an API, and gear for various programming languages to combine with their software backend. As against SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) that is targeted to stop users, BaaS is centered at developers.

Also scaling apps is difficult as and whilst your target audience grows, to do this successfully, you want a backend. Earlier backends needed to be evolved from scratch but due to technological advancements, you could now without delay combine them into your software. In this submit, we’ll be exploring various backend provider systems and how to select the satisfactory amongst them.

Types of BaaS for Mobile Apps
There are varieties of Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) specifically Consumer BaaS and Enterprise BaaS.

Consumer BaaS: This focuses extra on light-weight programs and games.

Enterprise BaaS: This focuses extra on mobilizing touchy and critical enterprise information.

When it involves distinct BaaS offerings, there are several leading answers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kinvey, Google Firebase and Apple CloudKit.

Why Firebase?

Firebase became an impartial service before being obtained and launched with the aid of Google as a part of 2016 UI. Firebase goals to help web developers in constructing higher apps and thereby supporting them grow in their business, by means of looking after the backend of the applications. Here are some capabilities that help in figuring out why Firebase is the exceptional BaaS to be had:.

  1. Platform: Firebase gives a real-time database platform that writes occasions as and when it happens. It additionally offers database management API.
  2. Front-End: Firebase runs on Angular, Ember, Vue.Js and React on the the front cease.
  3. Hosting: It consists of functions like custom domains at no cost, Global CDN, Users, DB and Auto-provisioned SSL certificate.
  4. Clean Dashboard: A strong layout is some other function of Firebase, the dashboard is clean and lists all of the functions at the left sidebar.
  5. Analytics: Firebase has a unfastened and integrated Analytics for all Firebase apps, which permits builders to peer how ad campaigns are performing, log activities to music username and age, view active customers in your application and many others.

Pros and Cons of Firebase

Pros Cons
Requires minimal setup and easy access to data, files and more. Firebase is neither open source nor can you host your data.
It is real time having a robust API and provides user side high security. As Firebase uses JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and a NoSQL database and hence the format for storing is entirely different to that of SQL.
Requires no server-side infrastructure to power apps with data. Has very limited indexing and developers need to build the indexes manually.


With capabilities like Cloud Messaging, Remote Config, and a Real-Time Database, Firebase rankings points. Choosing the right BaaS is crucial and it comes right down to what your undertaking calls for. Go via features of all of the to be had offerings, capabilities and platforms earlier than identifying which you want to apply.

Remember the recent Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg clash on the future of Artificial Intelligence? So, my colleague and I were discussing the topic and after a while she said she doesn’t understand machine learning & Artificial Intelligence fully.

Are you one of those, who understand the basics of AI, the robots and more; yet when it comes to deep and in depth technical understanding, it suddenly becomes confusing? If yes, worry not for you have landed at the right place. We’ll try to understand Machine Learning like a beginner.

The Beginning

Let’s start one thing at a time, beginning with an algorithm. So what is an algorithm? “An algorithm in simple words is a step-by-step detailed instructions to do a particular job.” In computing, it is a set of simple rules that instructs a computer how to perform a task. Generally, we need to program our computer on how to carry out a task and this is the building block of Machine Learning. In 1959, Arthur Samuel sparked the discussion on Machine Learning (ML), stating that ML gives, “computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.”


The above image explains the evolution of Machine Learning over the years. But to simplify things further, we need to know the terms that are thrown in passing when we study this concept.

Artificial Intelligence in simple words is the simulation of human mind where machines work and act like humans do. Over the years, it has always been a part of our world and is not at all a new concept, flying cars in cartoons like The Jetsons to Wall – E in recent times.

AI evolved further giving birth to a new concept, Machine Learning, where machines were fed data and instructions to execute tasks. But what about behaviour or how our brains respond? How do machines take a decision? Knowledge is the building block and an integral part when it comes to learning. This is where another algorithmic concept called Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning came into being. ANN enables the machine to form connections much like our brains form them with the help of neurons and deep learning helps in better prediction. Today, various applications run on the learnings of deep learning and have improved significantly.

What is Machine Learning

Now and Tomorrow

But the bigger question is how does all this affect us? Does it only stay confined to the textbook theories and fantasies of an advanced future or is it deeply embedded in our lives? The answer lies within, we are surrounded by Machine and Deep Learning and we don’t even realize. From Google translate, predicting cancerous tumors in patients, MRI scanning, e-mail spam filters and even the ride sharing feature on Uber and Ola, all these things have been made possible with Machine Learning. Social networking, online shopping and even smart assistant devices on mobile phone are some of the examples of Artificial Intelligence.

All the distant fantasies created by AI are now coming to reality thanks to advancements in Machine Learning. AI is said to be the future of the human civilization, and the days of smart cities and self-driven cars may not be far behind. But more important than anything else is to understand the difference between the three concepts. Although they are interlinked to each other, they are in a nutshell a separate entity that operates individually.

Open-Xchange develops, markets and sells web-based communication enabling complete integration of email, documents, scheduling and social media. Founded in 2005, Open-Xchange provides its consumers with open and customizable, cloud-based products. These products help service providers facilitate their users with scalable and self-branded services with the help of a customer engagement platform.

Open-Xchange offers a high-end email solution for businesses and everyday people. Business can make the most out of this shared collaboration space to attain more success, by giving users access to what they want, no matter where they are. This way, Open-Xchange is changing the way millions of people communicate with each other and share their digital lives online. Having years of experience in creating open-source software, Open-Xchange considers that it is only through the creation of open products and services that the next-gen innovations can immerge on the web.

Growing with the Internet

Open-Xchange is not simply a webmail product. It is an email solution that is expanding its base over the Internet. The main objective is to facilitate quick and easy communication anywhere, anytime. Small businesses with multiple employees can easily integrate Open-Xchange to collaborate with colleagues, facilitating smoother business communications. Such a level of professionalism often leads to success in business.

The OX App Suite Advantage

OX App Suite is a flexible platform offering a wide variety of cloud-based services right from email, text, voice & video messaging, to file sharing, collaboration, and time management. It is available in a hosted and an on-premise solution.

OX App Suite offers an extremely scalable customer engagement platform that boosts sales, increases revenue, and helps in customer retention. It is a quick, viable and highly reliable set of productivity tool that gives a boost to your customers’ business. Here’s what it has to offer:

Mail – Collaborative Email Platform – A powerful, spontaneous yet simple-to-use interface. Open-Xchange allows users to check emails as well as contacts from MS Outlook®, Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail accounts on a single platform. It integrates personal emails, contacts, calendar, and appointments all at one place.

Mobile – Access to Business Resources Anytime – Open-Xchange automatically syncs emails, contacts, and schedules to linked mobile devices facilitating smoother work collaboration, no matter where you are. A smooth interface and top-notch design make it easy to manage multiple email accounts and offers quick accessibility to business productivity tools.

Collaborate – Quick business productivity tools – Open-Xchange also allows individuals and teams to be more productive, within or outside the office hours by integrating email, address books, and appointments with information management and document sharing tools.

Open-Xchange is thus changing the way of communication between people.

Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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