Does your business have significant traction in Europe? Do your clients want to capture the hearts of Europeans? Do they operate their businesses in the old continent? Well, then don’t hesitate to try your hand at .eu domain names. The .eu ccTLD or country code top-level domain name is a unique identifier for the European Union.

All domain registrars for the .eu domain name are authorized with the EURid. The latter is a consortium that authorizes national ccTLD registry operators consisting of countries including France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, and Sweden.

Taking a Look Back In Time

.eu TLD has been approved by ICANN despite not being identified as an extension for a particular country. Further, extensions such as were specifically allocated for unique organizations like the European Commission and the European Parliament. In this case, the .int is a unique extension that is specifically allocated for international organizations or companies in the need for gTLDs. As on May 9, 2006, the domain name has been changed to

Within a span of 4 months since its launch, the .eu ccTLD became the fourth-largest ccTLD in Europe, preceding other domain names like .de, .uk and the .nl domain names.

Current Use and Availability

Tapping into the potential of the global arena are companies who want to tap into newer markets in the European Union. This is often used to identify the European audience. Due to the spread of European nations that come under the purview of .eu domain name, the .eu ccTLD has become widely used reaching the ranks of popular domain names like .com/.net or .org. Companies have been cited as having the significant advantage with the .eu domain name in the national markets of the European Union. Here’s a variety of ways in which one can use the .eu ccTLD:

The strategy of most companies has been clear over the years, that .eu domain names have largely been used to create a larger purview into the European Union and other nations within. This has helped them gain significant leverage over the internet space by not only using the .eu domain name to reach out to a larger audience but also to tap into further markets around the world.

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