The .GLOBAL domain extension is one that rises above geographic limits to unite individuals and take marks crosswise over outskirts. The .GLOBAL TLD is ideal for private companies, new businesses and pretty much any brand connecting with a global crowd.

Nothing says ‘Around the world’ like a .GLOBAL! It’s boundless, borderless and non-biased. For you as a space affiliate, .GLOBAL is awesome for your clients’ image to be seen as universal and along these lines is an incredible venture. Today, there are more than 43,000 .GLOBAL areas enrolled.


  • It is all around comprehended
  • Not prohibitive to a specific business or industry
  • Sets up your global nearness
  • It is a direct associate with worldwide gatherings of people

Who is .GLOBAL for?

  • Performers and specialists
  • Organizations
  • Designers
  • However pioneers
  • Instructors
  • Activists
  • Foundations
  • Organizers
  • Trailblazers
  • Merchants

Furthermore, pretty much anybody!

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Choosing a domain name, irrespective of the nature of your business is probably one of the most crucial aspects of creating (and leveraging) your brand identity on the web. You must make sure you choose a domain name that not only depicts your business objective but is also easy to search for.

Search engine ranking plays a vital role in determining the success of a business. Which explains why businesses, be it small or large, are leaving no stone unturned to reach the topmost rankings on the internet. Digital marketers across firms are playing their best strategy ever by undertaking massive registrations of gTLDs, which are related to their business in terms of the product or the service.

This surge of traffic towards industry specific domain names is fuelled with the availability of new gTLDs in the market. So given the present scenario, business owners across the world don’t just have the freedom to have the best possible domain name for their brand, but also choose from an array of industry-specific domain extension.

But as it is rightly said, when you have too many good possible choices it becomes difficult to make a decision. We’ve put together a comprehensive set of guidelines that will help you pick the most relevant domain extension for your business. But before that, let’s first try and understand the mechanism in which search engines work.

How does it help me rank on Google or any search engine?

With the advent of new gTLDs, one can easily rank better than those with .com domain names. For instance, if someone is looking for a particular service, search engines could eventually classify websites on the basis of their industry and the relevance of the extension to the said industry.

How to choose the right domain name:

  • Relevance: Need I say more? I cannot emphasize more on the importance of choosing a domain name and extension that is relevant to your business. For instance, camera brands and budding photographers etc. can choose domain names that are closely related to their field of interest, such as .camera, .photograph etc. Offer your customers short, crisp domain names on a variety of TLDs, ranging from generic ones such as .today, to industry specific ones such as .shoes.
  • High Recall Value: Choosing a domain that is fairly intuitive will help people remember your website. A combination of a memorable domain name and a business-relevant domain extension can definitely help in leaving a widespread impact on consumers. Of course, a better brand image is just a bonus here!
  • Demography: If your target market is local, or a particular country/region based, it may be a good idea to register your business domain name in that particular namespace. e.g., or
  • Special characters and symbols: The domain naming system does not allow special characters and symbols (apart from hyphen) within the part of the domain name that comes before the extension.
  • Let price not be a deterrent: Relevancy of a domain name and its extension matters the most when it comes to picking the most adaptive domain name for a business. It makes business sense to prioritize relevancy of the domain names over its cost. Consumers will search for products online with the intent to reach your domain or brand. It’s letting the fish come to the bait by registering appropriate domain names and extensions.

We hope this article was a good read for you! We would love to know your take on this topic in the comments below. If you have any queries regarding this post, please get in touch with us and we would be happy to assist you.

With several gTLDs releasing on a daily basis, we understand you have a LOT to share with your customers and resellers. 300+ new gTLDs have released already, several hundred MORE coming your way. In such a dynamic environment, it’s integral to focus on a TLD that is worth your time and effort. Through this blog post we discuss why .website is the right TLD that deserves your attention, in this fast growing new gTLD jungle!

1. Super Generic

The term ‘website’ is super generic. Understood in 8+ languages, this is an extension that will be the easiest to understand for your customer. Synonymous with the Internet itself, it is a perfect alternative for .com/.net domains too

2. Maximum Uptake

Being such a generic term, .website is a TLD that is for everyone out there and not only specific niches. This means ALL your new as well as existing customers are the perfect target for the extension. This directly means low effort, higher uptake. Be it mailing all your customers or highlighting it in check availability, you know every customer looking at .website is an actual prospect for the domain.

3. Popularity

Launched just 3 months ago, .website is popular globally and is the 4th fastest growing new gTLD out there. (Source: To add to this, we have noticed several active websites on .website.

What’s interesting to note is that these websites spread across genres and are offering a wide variety of products and services

4. Attractive offering

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At the outset of planning a new website, the first thing that occurs to you is to come up with a unique name. You start thinking about that perfect name that would represent your brand online. And if you’re looking for some popular names, you might find it amongst the premium domain names. Premium domains are more often than not, simple, short, and notable names with simple keywords and search terms. Most of the premium names that have been registered earlier are available for resale again. Their popularity has increased due to the unavailability of simple .com names. Normally, a premium domain is quite expensive, but its marketability and traffic trends is what enhances its value.

Dot Com

For a domain name to be classified as a premium one, it requires a certain rule that states that it should include a .com extension. There are indeed a few exceptions to this rule, as some of the biggest websites include other extensions. But, the majority of the high valued domain names feature a “.com” in their website.

Matching Keywords

Exact keywords that signify a brand, product, or service hold a lot of value. Mostly, a single or a double word domain name which is easy to spell and represents the desired business category will always command a premium price.

Single Word Brand Name

Companies prefer using single-word simplistic domain names which has a high recall value, and offers creative branding opportunities. Apart from this reason, single-word domain names hold a high value since they represent a brand, product, service, and industry. And, even if they do not represent the exact brand or service, such names are potential branding assets.


Really short names or acronyms, as one may put forth, are always in-demand as they are easy to remember and type. Dot com domains that carry abbreviations, for instance,,, and hold a high value and are worth a significant amount as well.

High Traffic Volume

Websites prove more valuable as visitor traffic increases. Whenever a domain name has a huge amount of traffic, there are chances that these visitors may convert into profitable leads and sales. So, the heightened traffic increases the potential of such websites.

High Search Volume Domains

Most popularly searched Google terms are usually coined as ideal domain names, which are mostly sought at a premium. Google’s Keyword Tool analyzes the volume of the search undertaken for these domain names. For a popular search term, more and more numbers of promoters and advertisers compete to capture the attention of users targeting these domain names. Thus, domain names that match such highly searched terms are worth a significant amount.

These are the factors that add value to a Domain Name. If you’re interested in investing in Domain Names, the, the New gTLDs is definitely the right choice for you, as there are a range of generic names that are available with the New gTLDs! Check out our prices for New gTLDs here!

Looking for that distinctive and ultra-unique domain that represents you?  Try adding a .me to your list of domains! Originally allocated as the internet country code top-level domain or ccTLD for the country Montenegro in Southern Europe, it has been astutely marketed as the ultimate destination of every individual in first person. The fact that the english language has several words ending with these letters has also led to many quirky uses of this extension that now is a hallmark of several social buzz based platforms. Due to the growing popularity of the TLD, several individuals and companies have lapped up the .me domain name. We discuss the history of the domain name and its slow evolution into a popular marketing tool.

How .me was made available for all

Montenegro had been allocated this unique domain name by ICANN. A Joint venture between Afilias, a prominent registry services platform and the ME –net d.o.o, the Montenegrin entity that co-manages the registry led to the creation of the doMEn d.o.o to handle the administration for .me domain names.

As of last year, the largest growth rate in Europe was held by the .me domain name where the registrations grew by more than 5.3 per cent in a certain quarter. The Centr DomainWire StatReport also confirmed that the .me domain ranked so high that it was marketed more as a gTLD. (Research Courtesy:

In comparison with the other domain extensions, the .me domain name continues to gather momentum with increasing company strategies towards owning a personalized domain extension. Now, .me features amongst the highest selling domains in Europe.

It’s all about marketing .me

Having a .me domain is being recognized as a must have in the upwardly mobile sections of the internet society than as a narcissist one, thanks to the social revolution. By establishing a deep personal connect with the registrants – usually individual since the focus is on the name of the person, .ME has ensured that there is a lot of quality content that has been meticulously worked on very often on websites hosted with this extension. More than communicating marketing strategy and brand ideas, people have personalized the .me domain to communicate ideas, views and opinions. While some companies have expressed their visions and plans for the future via their personal blogs, others have used the domain extension to communicate with customers.

One such domain is, which has become popular as an ideal question and answer platform catering to anyone around the world. One of the most popular websites on this extension is the portal, which has been acquired by AOL due to its quick and easy customized web-building options. Blog.Me, a South Korean platform has gathered over 27 million users.

Those who wanted to tap into blogging and social media content have optimized .me significantly. In a world of the smartphones and mobile adaptability, companies have tapped into personalized blogging on social media platforms led by .me. Facebook’s FB.Me, WordPress’s WP.Me, Yahoo’s ME.Me and Time Magazine’s TI.Me have been staggering examples of companies who have lapped up the advantage put forth by the domain name.

Most marketing gurus state that the .ME Registry has accomplished its success with the .me domain due to its simplicity, value and unique brand presence online.

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