Would you part with sensitive information like credit card details or your social security number, without any assurance that the information will be kept confidential? Neither would I, especially in an online environment.

So how does an entrepreneur gain the trust and confidence of his customers? Especially if he wants to boost his sales and cater to a larger market, without having to spend too much time and effort in building a trustworthy brand.

Various studies have revealed that a lot of customers abandon a site for lack of security. The smaller the company, the greater is the customers’ concern. Surely, nobody would knowingly want to turn away a potential customer. To get a step closer towards building a brand that is trusted, a wise choice would be to invest in a Digital Certificate

An estimated 59.8% of online shoppers abandon their purchase process resulting in a loss of a substantial amount of money.* When it comes to parting with sensitive information, Digital Certificates have the highest scope to minimize Shopping Cart Abandonment, especially during the check-out process. Simply because it is widely known that Digital Certificates encrypt the sensitive information entered, making it unintelligible to all but the parties involved. Thus, increasing the motivation for customers to shop online. Another important thing that Digital Certificates do, especially nowadays with advanced browsers, prevents a ‘security pop-up’ from appearing during the purchase process.

This is precisely why Digital Certificates have become such an important aspect of every online business.

Looking at it from a Reseller’s perspective… the market is huge, the time is perfect and the prices don’t get better… I won’t deny that the premium brands of Digital Certificates come at a steep price (if you chose another Service Provider). At ResellerBytes, you will find Thawte Digital Certificates – A Verisign Product; the only difference being the prices are much lower than what Thawte themselves offer, or anyone else for that matter. The “trusted seal” logo that comes with Thawte Digital Certificates will be positioned on the website, thus escalating the brand worth in the minds of the customers many times over.

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SSL branding is synchronous with Trust. It’s been repeated time and again that customers will definitely not doubt your ‘sincerity to do business’ once they see you have certified and secured your website with a SSL certificate. Which directly translates to – using a trusted Certification Authority is essential for an effective Online Business.

As we have a recently posted about How to Secure Website Application & Server Level and more secure with EV SSL Certificates. Purchasing from proven, established vendors, specially in case of security products such as Digital Certificates, brings up the inevitable – How do I choose a SSL Certification Authority (CA) that my customers will Trust?

There are several things that buyers should look for when purchasing a certificate:

Reputation and Credibility of the CA
How long have they been in business?
Consumer Awareness?

Ubiquity of the Root
Is it embedded in all of the popular browsers?

Root is owned by the CA
And not chained like Third Party SSL certificates.

Lifecycle Management Tools
How easy is it to install, renew, reinstall and revoke if compromised.

Ease of Acquiring the certificate

For instance, Thawte provides their esteemed list of clients, that include Google, 3M Company, Honda Canada, Hershey, American Airlines, Credit Suisse Group, among others, with Root Certificates.

Removing all elements of doubt, Thawte has obtained the Trust Factor by successfully implementing the highest encryption and authentication standards recognized today.

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