One of our previous posts covered the advantages of buying a Digital Certificate – through confidentiality, message integrity, non-repudiation, and authentication techniques (to name a few), Digital Certificates play a vital role in adding credibility and trust to your Brand. All this, of course, depends largely on the brand of Digital Certificate that is being used as well! We have that’s why tied up with the very best in the industry- Thawte. It is a Verisign Product and by far the most recognized Digital Certificate Brand out there. What’s more, the prices at which these are being offered to you are not only competitive but possibly the lowest out there. Many of your Customers though might not have made optimum use of these premium Digital Certificates (Thawte) that you offer them with – wonder why?

Buying the right Digital Certificate is not enough. The effectiveness of a Digital Certificate largely depends on the page that you install it on. So the next time you have a Customer who is not too satisfied with his Digital Certificate’s performance, it is probably because it’s not installed on the right page. Here are a few handy tips that you could give him:

Login Page:
It is a must to encrypt sensitive login credentials that are entered on the Login Page. A website that does not have a Digital Certificate installed on the Login Page is at risk of the client’s data being illegally accessed. Furthermore, with browsers getting smarter, for any page that asks for information and doesn’t have a Digital Certificate, the browser throws up a security message.

Payment Page:
Even with the internet gaining so much popularity, there will always be a little hesitation when entering Credit Card information online. And during the purchase process, if the browser pops up a security warning, most users will stop right there and not end up buying the product! Statistics indicate that over 60 percent of shoppers do not complete the shopping process that they begin. Yes, there are various factors that contribute to this, however, a Digital Certificate on the payment page is the easiest and the most critical solution for reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment.

Any page that asks for email addresses:
Spam or unsolicited emails are doing around of the internet like never before. Customers are vary of giving their email addresses simply because they don’t want their email address being accessed by spammers. And not having a Digital Certificate on a page that asks for email addresses puts your Customer at a risk of their email address being accessed.

Another important point that your Customer can do is place the Digital Certificate seal throughout the Website, or at least on important pages like the Homepage. This assures the visitors that the site is authentic and business intentions are genuine.

They may seem quite simple but more often than usual, these important tips are ignored. And yes they do make a vast difference when implemented accurately.

Would you part with sensitive information like credit card details or your social security number, without any assurance that the information will be kept confidential? Neither would I, especially in an online environment.

So how does an entrepreneur gain the trust and confidence of his customers? Especially if he wants to boost his sales and cater to a larger market, without having to spend too much time and effort in building a trustworthy brand.

Various studies have revealed that a lot of customers abandon a site for lack of security. The smaller the company, the greater is the customers’ concern. Surely, nobody would knowingly want to turn away a potential customer. To get a step closer towards building a brand that is trusted, a wise choice would be to invest in a Digital Certificate

An estimated 59.8% of online shoppers abandon their purchase process resulting in a loss of a substantial amount of money.* When it comes to parting with sensitive information, Digital Certificates have the highest scope to minimize Shopping Cart Abandonment, especially during the check-out process. Simply because it is widely known that Digital Certificates encrypt the sensitive information entered, making it unintelligible to all but the parties involved. Thus, increasing the motivation for customers to shop online. Another important thing that Digital Certificates do, especially nowadays with advanced browsers, prevents a ‘security pop-up’ from appearing during the purchase process.

This is precisely why Digital Certificates have become such an important aspect of every online business.

Looking at it from a Reseller’s perspective… the market is huge, the time is perfect and the prices don’t get better… I won’t deny that the premium brands of Digital Certificates come at a steep price (if you chose another Service Provider). At ResellerBytes, you will find Thawte Digital Certificates – A Verisign Product; the only difference being the prices are much lower than what Thawte themselves offer, or anyone else for that matter. The “trusted seal” logo that comes with Thawte Digital Certificates will be positioned on the website, thus escalating the brand worth in the minds of the customers many times over.

P.S. Do go through our revamped Digital Certificate page where you may have many of your queries addressed.

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