A user friendly, well designed website is one of the biggest assets that adds value to any business today. With the ever-increasing need of having an online presence today, people are trying their best to come up with a website that’s designed perfectly according to their respective needs. No wonder website builder tools are gaining popularity with each passing day. As internet access is getting faster and more reliable with time, website builders are becoming more and more popular amongst the masses.

What is a Website Builder?

Website Builder is an Internet-based website designing application that allows users to produce the professional-looking website in very little time.  With this, you can help your customers develop websites within minutes. An online website builder helps your customers obtain a fully functional online presence. Besides, updating the website’s content or adding new content, images or multimedia content is easier via a user-friendly interface.

What are website builders for?

These systems are perfect for individuals, freelancers, photographers, small-time businesses and start-ups.

A Comprehensive Website Builder

Website Builder tool helps you build fully fledged websites quickly. You are charged on the basis of the Web Space and the number of web pages specified with a particular plan.

While conventional content management systems were designed to administer large websites, online website builders were designed keeping smaller website projects in mind. Essentially, the user doesn’t require much of technical know-how or special programming skills like installing a CMS, applying a template, or creating a database.

This means that incorporating any changes to the website’s design or templates is easier, while the content need not be modified in between. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of using online website builders.

Advantages of Using a Website Builder

  • Reduced Cost – Using a website builder reduces the cost of developing and maintaining a website significantly.
  • No Coding – With a website builder, one doesn’t need to learn HTML or any other type of website coding. Choose any of the templates to develop a website that fits the business perfectly.
  • High-Quality Graphics – A website builder gives you access to high-quality website graphics which can be used at no additional cost. These graphics can be used to enhance the website pages thereby making the site more attractive for visitors.
  • Ease of use – Almost all website builders offer a drag and drop facility, which means the user need not write a new code every time for every change he wishes to make to the website. It thus gives the user the ability to upgrade content and images very easily.

Apart from these obvious benefits, you can expect these benefits too

  • No Technical or Designing Skills Required
  • Ample of Unique Designs
  • Customizable Templates
  • Easy Customer Management
  • Customizable Plans
  • Low Rates

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Very often, Website Builder Tools are not considered to be an ‘A list’ or ‘primary’ Product to resell. One important reason why this happens is the fact that Website Builders many times do not sell as much as the other Products like Domain Names and Web Hosting. But who do sell Website Builder Tools actively will agree that the demand is huge, however getting the ‘right’ Website Builder to resell is crucial. Make sure you keep the following in mind before freezing on a certain Website Builder Tool to resell:

Types of Website Builder

A Website Builder Tool should have a variety of packages tailored to meet the needs of all kinds of Customers – from individuals looking at building a one-page website to enterprises looking at designing professional corporate websites. Having various packages not only gives your Customers options to choose from, but also makes sure they get a package that suits their needs with you, rather than looking at other Service Providers.

Option to choose your own Hosting Service Provider

This is extremely important, especially if you are looking at reselling your own hosting, or have your own server. Many Website Builder companies restrict you from reselling some other hosting service and/or restrict the site built with that tool from being hosted elsewhere.

Variety of Templates to choose from

Website Builder Tools should have a good variety of customizable Designs and Templates to choose from. You might come across some Service Provider boasting about 1000’s of varieties, but they might be just a few designs in multiple color options. Hence, look for a Service Provider with a good variety of designs rather one with similar templates.

Easy-To-Use Editing Tools

Website Builder tool should have a very simple and user-friendly Interface. It should provide easy tools to edit text as well as images so that one doesn’t have to rely on other external/third-party applications.

Interface Speed

Nowadays, the majority of the Website Builder Tools offer only online tools for designing the site, rather than downloadable versions which can be used offline. Considering this fact, there should be a very good Interface speed ensuring that the site is designed in as little time as possible.

Support from the Service Provider

Support plays an extremely important role in the Web Services industry, and reselling Website Builder Tools is no different. Service Providers should provide a host of options to their Clients such as an extensive Knowledgebase detailing about all the features of the Website Builder Tool, Demo Videos and an efficient ticketing system amongst others.

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