Say hello to Weebly Website Builder! We’re glad to announce a new addition to the ResellerBytes Marketplace! We at ResellerBytes understand what matters to you and your business; building smart and beautiful websites effortlessly. As a web designer or developer, what resource do you think you need the most? Let me answer that for you. It’s time. Client demands and deadlines can be cumbersome making it difficult for you to keep up with your projects. Fret not! We have just the solution for you. Let’s run you through what exactly Weebly Website Builder has to offer you and how it can make your life hassle-free.

What is Weebly Website Builder?

Weebly Website Builder is a modern website builder that comes with a drag and drop editor, dynamic themes and much more. It’s the first website builder that has gone on to power more than 40 million websites that see a combined 325 million visitors each month. No matter who your customers are – artists, developers, students, lawyers or business owners, Weebly Website Builder lets you build the perfect website. Let’s delve deeper into the features of Weebly Website Builder.

Why Weebly Website Builder?

  • Simplified Drag & Drop Editor – Weebly’s powerful drag and drop editor helps you to get websites up and running in minutes. All you have to do is, pick a template, drag and drop elements, add images, text and videos to get online instantly. It is not necessary for you to know how to code. Yep!
  • Free and Secure hosting on the Cloud – You can now, focus on what’s important, building professional websites. Manage and grow your business without worrying about downtime and load speeds
  • Powerful Tools & Amazing Plugins – Show off your creativity with beautiful photos and videos. Optimise your website with SEO and edit CSS/HTML with Weebly Website Builder’s tools
  • Integrated Shopping Cart & Checkout – Ensure a delightful shopping experience with an integrated shopping cart with easy checkout to power your web application for maximum performance of your website
  • Inventory Tracking and Supply Management – Manage hundreds of products and show your customers the number of pending items with automatic shopper updates when items are out of stock
  • Simplified Transactions – Show your customers shipping costs and tax rates. Even offer coupon codes to incentivise your shoppers and drive sales
  • 200+ High-quality apps – Grow your idea with Weebly Website Builder features extending beyond the builder. The App Center brings a wide range of new functionality and services directly to your website

Now that you know more about Weebly Website Builder, let’s have a look at the plans and pricing.

Weebly Website Builder Plans

Services FREE Starter Pro Business
Drag and Drop Builder
Pages 1 Page Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Customizable Footer
Custom Favicon
HD Video & Audio Players
Password Protect Pages
Site Search
SSL Security
SSL Security Up to 100 Unlimited Membership
Weebly Transaction Fee 3% 3% 3% 0%
Digital Goods
Inventory Management
Shipping & Tax Calculator
Coupon Codes
Price FREE $6.67/monthly
When paid annually
When paid annually
When paid annually
At Weebly FREE $8.00/monthly
When paid annually
When paid annually
When paid annually

According to the Yankee group, close to 5 million small businesses in the US alone don’t have a website yet. Worse still, they have no clue as to how they could get one, thus, Website Builder Tool can cater to all of your needs with limited patience, budget, and technical know-how and is still looking for a crisp and professional looking website. It is unfortunate that most tools in the market today fall vastly short of meeting the requirements of these novice users. The Website Builder Tool offered by ResellerBytes is one of the easiest website builder tools in the industry.

You need to understand that building websites with the Website Builder Tool is extremely simple. Just how simple? Various usability tests on novice users have revealed that it would take an average person about 5 to 10 minutes to create a complete framework for the website and about 30 to 45 minutes to customize the website with the many features available. The step by step wizard will assist the user at every level of site building to create a website with a Flash intro, Home page, Shopping pages and also a shopping cart. What’s more, we’ve got for you white labelled mailers that you can brand and send to your own Customers to pitch the Product to them.

The simplicity of the Product opens up yet another avenue for Web Designers whose Customers don’t have big budgets but are still looking for a quality website. They need not worry about stability and reliability since over 625,000 sites across the world have been made using this Website Builder Tool. What’s more, we also have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee that your Customers can avail of.

Very often, Website Builder Tools are not considered to be an ‘A list’ or ‘primary’ Product to resell. One important reason why this happens is the fact that Website Builders many times do not sell as much as the other Products like Domain Names and Web Hosting. But who do sell Website Builder Tools actively will agree that the demand is huge, however getting the ‘right’ Website Builder to resell is crucial. Make sure you keep the following in mind before freezing on a certain Website Builder Tool to resell:

Types of Website Builder

A Website Builder Tool should have a variety of packages tailored to meet the needs of all kinds of Customers – from individuals looking at building a one-page website to enterprises looking at designing professional corporate websites. Having various packages not only gives your Customers options to choose from, but also makes sure they get a package that suits their needs with you, rather than looking at other Service Providers.

Option to choose your own Hosting Service Provider

This is extremely important, especially if you are looking at reselling your own hosting, or have your own server. Many Website Builder companies restrict you from reselling some other hosting service and/or restrict the site built with that tool from being hosted elsewhere.

Variety of Templates to choose from

Website Builder Tools should have a good variety of customizable Designs and Templates to choose from. You might come across some Service Provider boasting about 1000’s of varieties, but they might be just a few designs in multiple color options. Hence, look for a Service Provider with a good variety of designs rather one with similar templates.

Easy-To-Use Editing Tools

Website Builder tool should have a very simple and user-friendly Interface. It should provide easy tools to edit text as well as images so that one doesn’t have to rely on other external/third-party applications.

Interface Speed

Nowadays, the majority of the Website Builder Tools offer only online tools for designing the site, rather than downloadable versions which can be used offline. Considering this fact, there should be a very good Interface speed ensuring that the site is designed in as little time as possible.

Support from the Service Provider

Support plays an extremely important role in the Web Services industry, and reselling Website Builder Tools is no different. Service Providers should provide a host of options to their Clients such as an extensive Knowledgebase detailing about all the features of the Website Builder Tool, Demo Videos and an efficient ticketing system amongst others.

We are glad to get this opportunity to share our experience regarding the Website Builder Product we offer.
To be very honest, we have been offering Website Builder since the past 1 and half year now but we must admit that it has always been an underlined Product for not only our Customers but for us too..!

Being such an inexpensive product, we thought there wasn’t too much profit in it, hence the lack of focus.
but now, looking at the way Website Builder is growing over the Internet, we have Specialized Teams which deliberate in thorough research and development of this Product for you. In our recent study for this product, we came up with some interesting facts which we would like to share with you:

As per the latest statistics for the year, we found that there’s been an increase of over 120% in the usage of the Website builder tool for creating websites, as opposed to a 20% increase in the number of websites created by professional designers.

The amazing growth of the number of websites in the internet is stupendous. A user friendly, well designed website is one of the greatest assets imaginable today for any business, organization or community group.

Today, there are Millions of Websites (around 10 million to be precise) live on the internet but very few resources available from where you can get a website created instantly.

With this growing need of having an online presence on the internet, people do anything to have a customized website designed for their respective needs. However, they have very few options to do so. Building a Website without a Website Builder tool requires advanced HTML/CSS and some JavaScript coding knowledge. Obviously, designing could be outsourced to specialized Web Designers. However the industry is fast moving from outsourcing to DIY solutions. It’s not a surprise then that Website Builder tools are getting more popular by the day.

Our Website Builder Team put forward these and many more interesting observations which made us realize the importance of this Product over the Internet today. And now, we won’t say much except that we have already DOUBLED our numbers in less than a month to what we did in almost half a year!

Through this blog, we will keep updating you with more and more features over and above the latest upgrade which we just completed! (We hope you are aware of this… if not, what are you waiting for? Check it out now.
It’s a complete revamp from our old website builder! ) Till then… Cheers!

Start building your website today!

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