Mobile apps have evolved time and again to make our lives easier. There will come a time when mobile applications will start dominating the Web. Today, smartphone users are more than hungry for new applications and mobile content. Consumers use dedicated apps by providers to get access to digital content, especially apps such as Facebook, Twitter and the Times of India. There is no indication for a slowdown of the mobile app revolution; every indicator is moving upward.

Growth in App Development

Mobile content delivered via applications is on a high. This rise is driven more by enthusiastic users who are embracing messaging, utility, and gaming apps. Watching the way consumers are embracing these applications, and the fact that it has the ability to reach out to a large number of audience, app developers have now started coming up with more such mobile apps.

Considering the growing popularity of apps, a question arises whether having a domain name is still as important as it used to be. In simpler words, if you develop an app—say, Instagram, is it still necessary for you to purchase if this facility is meant to be used merely as a mobile app, which doesn’t need a web address? Well, honestly, Getting ir right the first time choosing the right domain domain name is still equally important to build a successful brand and service, even if it’s just a mobile app. Domains will continue to remain an industry standard.

These days, it is getting more tedious and complicated to innovate on the Internet especially when the mobile apps are being preferred over the desktop browser. Nevertheless, we must not forget the fact that domains serve the purpose of an address where you find information/content while apps serve the purpose of a medium for that information/content.

Why Apps versus Websites?

The question remains why more and more users are inclined towards using mobile apps as compared to actual websites. Firstly, consumers, today find it easy to pull out their mobile devices instead of switching on a computer. Secondly, these are the consumers who want to gain information quickly and do not like running to the computer every single time. A good example of this can be smartphone users who are more likely to use the Google Maps App to look up to a destination instead of the web when traveling. That being said, the web won’t die completely even after the revolution of mobile apps, just as print didn’t die when radio came along.

Using the web has always been more effective when compared to mobile apps simply for all the convenience it provides. As far as quick accessibility is concerned, mobile apps win hands down.

However, the discrimination between the web and mobile apps is in a way pointless. Most of the popular mobile apps (including Facebook or Twitter) are just web content made available on a different platform. However, we must also not forget that WhatsApp, Instagram, and other such applications have different success stories to tell, which could never have happened with just the web. This represents a massive opportunity for app developers including utility and gaming apps to monetize through advertising.

More and more companies have started realizing that mobile app gives them greater control over user experience when compared to a complicated website. And with so little investment involved in developing a web experience on mobile, one cannot foretell where the future of domain names is headed. Even as the momentum toward apps is set to increase further, this certainly does not mean that Domain Names will become extinct.Do share your thoughts in the comments below!

Do share your thoughts in the comments below!

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