Open-Xchange develops, markets and sells web-based communication enabling complete integration of email, documents, scheduling and social media. Founded in 2005, Open-Xchange provides its consumers with open and customizable, cloud-based products. These products help service providers facilitate their users with scalable and self-branded services with the help of a customer engagement platform.

Open-Xchange offers a high-end email solution for businesses and everyday people. Business can make the most out of this shared collaboration space to attain more success, by giving users access to what they want, no matter where they are. This way, Open-Xchange is changing the way millions of people communicate with each other and share their digital lives online. Having years of experience in creating open-source software, Open-Xchange considers that it is only through the creation of open products and services that the next-gen innovations can immerge on the web.

Growing with the Internet

Open-Xchange is not simply a webmail product. It is an email solution that is expanding its base over the Internet. The main objective is to facilitate quick and easy communication anywhere, anytime. Small businesses with multiple employees can easily integrate Open-Xchange to collaborate with colleagues, facilitating smoother business communications. Such a level of professionalism often leads to success in business.

The OX App Suite Advantage

OX App Suite is a flexible platform offering a wide variety of cloud-based services right from email, text, voice & video messaging, to file sharing, collaboration, and time management. It is available in a hosted and an on-premise solution.

OX App Suite offers an extremely scalable customer engagement platform that boosts sales, increases revenue, and helps in customer retention. It is a quick, viable and highly reliable set of productivity tool that gives a boost to your customers’ business. Here’s what it has to offer:

Mail – Collaborative Email Platform – A powerful, spontaneous yet simple-to-use interface. Open-Xchange allows users to check emails as well as contacts from MS Outlook®, Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail accounts on a single platform. It integrates personal emails, contacts, calendar, and appointments all at one place.

Mobile – Access to Business Resources Anytime – Open-Xchange automatically syncs emails, contacts, and schedules to linked mobile devices facilitating smoother work collaboration, no matter where you are. A smooth interface and top-notch design make it easy to manage multiple email accounts and offers quick accessibility to business productivity tools.

Collaborate – Quick business productivity tools – Open-Xchange also allows individuals and teams to be more productive, within or outside the office hours by integrating email, address books, and appointments with information management and document sharing tools.

Open-Xchange is thus changing the way of communication between people.

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