Up till currently, the word ‘corporate social media’ cited a logo’s polished profile and thoroughly crafted posts. The goal of corporate social media turned into to set up authority, enhance brand popularity, and in the end, to sell a product. While the purpose hasn’t changed, the methodology has.

As generation continues to advance, social media has emerged as a lot greater dynamic. The latest fashion? Live video. Contrary to the tone of more traditional company social media, live video is unpredictable, uncooked, and private—a actual game changer.

Predictably, marketers are a chunk skeptical. But, research suggests, brand audiences are geared up for this shift. In fact, eighty% would as a substitute watch live video from a logo than examine a weblog and 82% pick a live video from a logo to standard text or photo posts (source).

What is Livestreaming?

Let’s begin at the start. For folks that aren’t familiar, livestreaming is the transmission of live, actual-time video, broadcast over social media or a specialised streaming platform. It’s crucial to be aware, livestreaming isn’t always the same as on-call for video streaming—in which content is normally pre-recorded and regularly edited.

With the release of Facebook Live, YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram live testimonies, the majority are acquainted with livestreaming in a private capacity. Whether it’s a chum sharing their night out or a celebrity answering fan questions, the intimate nature of live video is innately attractive.

Live-streaming for Business

If leveraged correctly, live video can generate the same personal, behind-the-scenes appeal for your company—and as a result, significantly improve your marketing and social media efforts. Let’s get into specifics:

  • Boost authenticity. Face-to-face interaction with clients and potentialities is going a protracted way—but it’s tough to be everywhere without delay. Live video solves this trouble and gives corporations an clean way to engage with their audience in actual time for little to no price. Plus, the unedited nature of live video makes the content material experience extra specific and personal—basically humanizing your commercial enterprise.
  • Expand your reach. Video attracts attention and generates engagement—specially live video. Consider the subsequent statistics:

– Video on social media generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined (source).
– Live content on Facebook receives 10 times more comments than regular videos (source).
– Facebook Live videos are watched three times longer than videos that aren’t live (source).

When you commit it slowly in the direction of the live video, you’ll engage now not simply your audience, however additionally their personal networks as they, share, like, and touch upon your livestream.

  • Save your price range: Live video is as cheaper as it’s far powerful—making it a natural desire for entrepreneurs. Unlike different advertising mediums, live video only requires a solid net connection, manpower, and a good digicam.
  • Bulk up your content catalog: After your livestream is all stated and accomplished, use the content to accumulate your content advertising catalog. Whether you circulate an occasion, a Q&A, or an interview, the raw footage may be saved and edited for later use. This video content material is extremely treasured for website use, promotional substances, consumer testimonials, and much a lot more. Live video is the present that maintains on giving, for weeks, months or even years yet to come.

Live-streaming Best Practices

Because there are sure risks related to live-streaming (see more approximately this beneath), it’s vital to enter your live occasion completely organized. We’ve blanketed a few guidelines and quality practices that will help you get commenced.

1. Platform Selection. Now that live-streaming has in reality caught on, maximum social media platforms have a few form of streaming abilities—not to say unbiased systems like Twitch and Periscope that awareness completely on live video. It may be difficult to decide which platform to use. Here are simply some of these days’s maximum famous livestreaming tools:

  • Facebook Live
  • Instagram Live
  • YouTube Live
  • Twitter Live Video
  • Periscope
  • Live.ly

Before live-streaming for the first time ask your self the subsequent questions to determine which platform is probably satisfactory for your organization:

  • What is the intention of my live video?
  • Do I want to attract new prospects or direct my stream towards my existing customer base?
  • Where does my audience interact with my brand the most?
  • What is the most reliable platform?
  • Do I want visitors to be able to see this video after the livestream ends? Or do I want this video to disappear?

Once you have got a good concept of what your move will entail, you’ll be able to choose the platform with a purpose to pleasant fit your needs. Also preserve in thoughts, some streaming apps permit you to proportion your live stream across a couple of social networks, so if you’re suffering to pick simply one platform, an independent app is probably the pleasant preference.

Try one, or strive all of them and compare outcomes. But, don’t skimp on platform research—selecting the wrong one might be the difference between a a success circulation and a big failure.

2. Preparation. The key to livestream coaching is to devise however no longer produce. You want to recognise the primary shape of your software however you don’t want your move to stumble upon as scripted or stiff. After all, the appeal of live video comes from its authenticity. Extreme manufacturing and rehearsal will cast off from this.

3. Video Quality. While it’s crucial to prepare your content, it’s even more important to prepare your technology and resources. In fact, video great is the maximum essential component for 67% of viewers whilst looking a livestream broadcast (source). Make sure you have got a strong net connection and that the relaxation of your livestreaming equipment are working properly.

4. Promotion. Treat your livestream like you’ll deal with a live event. You wouldn’t count on human beings to simply display up to a tradeshow or industry event without any promoting might you? The equal is going for a live video occasion.

In the times and weeks leading up on your livestream, be sure to promote the event via your normal advertising and marketing channels—email, social, virtual commercials, and many others. Be sure to include the platform, the URL, the time, and date of your livestream.

It also can assist to offer a reduction code, giveaway, or free trial as an incentive for your target audience to song in and participate.

5. Strategy. As with every other advertising tactic, how you use live video will rely on many different factors. What works for one agency might not always paintings for every other organisation. Our advice is to start small and build for your approach from there. If you’re looking for ideas, maintain reading. We cowl five of the best livestream ideas in the direction of the end of this newsletter.

Live-streaming Risks

Because live video takes place in real time, there are inherent risks that include live streaming. Below we come up with the three most common risks of live video and provide you with the gear you need to mitigate them.

1. Anything can take place. The equal motives that make live video pleasing, also make it extraordinarily horrifying for businesses. One wrong phrase, awkward pause, or misstep could make a business enterprise move viral for all the wrong motives. The most effective manner to mitigate this chance is to put together, put together, put together.

Here are few greater steps you may take to make sure your live flow is going in accordance to plot:

  • Come up with a livestream manual that outlines company expectations, rules, brand guidelines, and consequences. That way, anyone involved in the production of your live event is fully prepared to behave professionally.
  • Vet all on-air personality. If you have concerns, consider offering media training so that any on-screen personnel will be comfortable answering questions and speaking to a large audience.
  • Review the content with a manager or director. This will help you avoid revealing sensitive or private information.
  • Get consent to film. If you’re in a public setting be sure to understand the laws and legislation surrounding media.
  • Never put anyone on the spot. If you’re doing a live Q&A or interactive segment, be sure to pick those involved ahead of time. Unplanned segments can get derailed quickly by an inappropriate participant.
  • Dedicate one person to starting and ending the livestream. The last thing you want is to inadvertently livestream content that wasn’t meant for public consumption.

2.Technical problems. Sometimes, technological glitches are unavoidable. Plan for them beforehand of time to make sure your movement goes easily. This approach, meet along with your IT branch to ensure there is no upkeep accomplished all through the time of your livestream. Have a backup digital camera and a backup battery on hand. Sometimes, technological glitches are unavoidable. Plan for them beforehand of time to make sure your movement goes easily. This approach, meet along with your IT branch to ensure there is no upkeep accomplished all through the time of your livestream. Have a backup digital camera and a backup battery on hand.

Provide a twitter account or guide channel on the start of the flow. Should your video go down, speak along with your target audience the use of these channels. Let them recognize when the to circulate may be again or if it’s been rescheduled.

3. It received’t be ideal. As a whole lot as you prepare, there is constantly a danger that your live video received’t cross according to plan. This is something you need to make peace with in advance of time. Try to be flexible however usually have a contingency plan. The greater you livestream, the less difficult it is going to be to spot issues ahead of time.

8 Ideas to Kickstart Your Streaming Strategy

Not sure where to start? Here are the livestream ideas we promised you:

  1. Customer Q&A: Work with one, or several, of your best customers to facilitate a live Q&A session. Prepare a list of questions or take question submissions from your followers. Select your questions ahead of time and prep your customer guest so you have a good idea of what their answers will be.
  2. Expert Q&A: Similar to the first idea, identify an influencer or industry expert to answer your best questions live. For more in depth influencer marketing best practices, check out the article 8 Best Practices of B2B Influencer Marketing
  3. Employee/CEO Q&A: Along the same lines, consider sitting down with an employee or CEO of your company to tell your brand’s story. This is an excellent opportunity to put a face to your company and allow your audience to have unprecedented access to company leadership.
  4. Product Launch: Use live video to launch a new product. This will not only generate buzz around the product but also around your livestream. It will help your audience feel included and make the launch more exciting than an email announcement, for example.
  5. Product Demo: Do a live demonstration of a new or popular product. This will help customers who already have access to the products but also generate new interest in older or existing products. Show, rather than tell, your prospects why they need your product.
  6. How to: Use your livestream for educational purposes. Teach your audience how to do something. This will establish your brand as an industry expert and will keep people interested in your social media profiles
  7. Event: Allow your online followers to take part in in-person events, live. This can extend the reach and impact of your event and it will allow your followers to feel included if they can’t attend in person.
  8. Breaking News: Use live video to break important news. Video is often more compelling than a standard press release and it will allow you to reach more eyes without much planning.

Remember, preserve matters mild and a laugh in your films—in any case, your target audience is there to be entertained. While you can point out products and be professional, in case your content is simply too dry, your site visitors will stop tuning in.

After your livestream, your task isn’t over. You now have precious content material to repurpose, build off of, and reshare. Start small. Each livestream might be a getting to know enjoy; analyze your effects, regroup, and alter your method for your subsequent stream. Happy streaming!

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