Get Your Website Responsive Before April 21: Google Alerts

Anyone who owns a website needs to realize that monitoring Google’s algorithm updates is most important. While you will usually find small updated that may not impact your online campaigns significantly, every now and then you will see that there are meaningful updates that will inevitably affect your marketing efforts. Google’s latest update focuses on its mobile ranking algorithm that encompasses usability factors for mobile experience as well as app indexing. In contrast to days gone by, your mobile site must now have everything in place to enable a mobile-friendly experience.

Two Mobile Algorithm Changes

  • There are two major changes being made to the mobile search algorithm that will impact your mobile site’s search result rank.
  • Google is set to implement mobile-centric elements on April 21 for improving search results. Mobile apps that take part in App Indexing will be ranked better.

Google to Rank Mobile-Friendly Web Sites Higher in Mobile Searches

Google’s mobile ranking will encompass tag sites as mobile-friendly ones while also using this label to ascertain whether or not a site ought to have a better ranking. The new algorithm changes are expected to have a meaningful impact on mobile search results and will affect all languages globally.

The new developments in Google’s mobile ranking algorithm are said to be an expansion on Google’s mobile ranking demotion algorithm that was launched almost 3 years ago. Google says that users would now have an easier time obtaining pertinent, quality-driven search results that match their device formats.

Why Google Has Chosen to Announce Its Intentions a Month in Advance

Users have a month to prepare for Google’s new implementations and make sure their sites are mobile-friendly. The giant search engine had been experimenting for a significant time with mobile ranking elements, and now it’s time for implementation. You can leverage the usability reports that Google offers in order to test your site for all recommendations. There are also numerous sources that offer help for this purpose.

Types of Apps that Google Indexes for Improved Mobile Search

At the time of its announcement, Google implemented ‘App indexing for improved mobile search’ with immediate effect. It said that indexed apps will start reflecting a better ranking in mobile search almost immediately. However, they representatives said that this would only take effect with signed-in users. Users will now be able to see indexed app content more often in search results.

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