Protect yourself against Email Spoofing

Email authenticity is a major concern for a lot of customers and one of the best ways of addressing this is by adding SPF and DKIM Records. Both these techniques can be used to prevent email spoofing.

So what are SPF and DKIM Records?

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework and is an open standard to prevent sender address forgery. The way it works is that it stops email forgers from forging the sender address in an email. It does this by authorizing addresses that can send email for a particular Domain Name. You can get a little more info on SPF here.

Similarly, DKIM i.e. Domain Keys Identification Mail is another mechanism used to fight email forgery. It uses encryption technology to verify the authenticity of the sender address. If a message has been verified through Domain Keys, you’ll see a small icon of an envelope and key in the email header. Read more about DKIM here.

Adding these Records:

No changes will be required if you’re using our DNS Services.

However, in case you’re not using our DNS services, you will need to add certain TXT Records in the package being used. These can be viewed under Nameserver Details in the Order Details View of your Email Package.

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