Why Do You Need Email Hosting?

Considering the exponential rate at which the number of internet users are increasing, what are the chances of John getting an Email Address of his choice? Like most other internet users around the globe, he will in all probability, go for a free email service provider, and end up with an email address like john_1984@…, or joh65an@… ! This is because most of the good email ids with all the free Email Service Providers have already been taken.

John and thousands of people like you, why don’t you buy Email Hosting Services! Here’s how- You run a Used Car business- “Used Cars”, like to go for an Email Address you@usedcars.com instead of john.0065@****.com or john_cars5764@****.com? john@usedcars.com not only sounds more professional but also looks good and is easier to remember. More importantly, it does wonders for your company’s brand image and increases the credibility of his business.

So what’s actually stopping you from opting for a customized email address?

Most people are like you perceive getting a customized email address to be an expensive affair.
There’s a common misconception that setting up your own customized email address requires you to have sound technical knowledge.

Getting John aboard is simple – make him understand that buying a customized email address for an entire year won’t cost him more than a Pizza. Moreover, managing this Email Account is as simple as managing any other free Email Account. Not to mention the benefits to his business, that were discussed earlier.

You will come across different types of prospects with varied requirements- students looking for a single Email Account, Small and Medium Enterprises asking for 50-100 accounts, or MNCs and big corporates with a requirement of a couple of 100 accounts. We have therefore created 4 plans under Email Hosting, which will cater to all your requirements. With our White Labeled Webmail interface, checking and managing Email Accounts is as easy as any other free email service.

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