.band Domain

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Let the world know about your .band

Share your music through a website that rocks.

How will you use your .BAND domain name?

  • Artists – Show what you do and share your music through a .BAND website.
  • Music lovers – Tell followers about up and coming brands you love or just focus on news about your favorite.
  • Radio stations – Highlight live performances or use a .BAND website as a discovery tool for listeners.
  • Concert venues – Stand out from the competition with a domain name that is unique and memorable.

People go online to listen to music and discover new artists, and now there’s a domain name that makes it easy to grow your band’s online presence. A .BAND domain name instantly communicates to visitors that your site is music-focused, making it perfect for any musician’s official website.

Why choose a .BAND domain extension?

  • It can be difficult for newer artists to find available domain names that are an exact match for their band or stage names, especially in the .COM namespace. .BAND provides a new option for finding the perfect domain name to promote your music.
  • Many bands have registered domains like “artistnametheband.com.” You can simplify your online presence by switching to “bandname.band,” or you could forward a .BAND domain name to your existing site.
  • Established musicians should consider registering .BAND domain names to protect their brand and control their online presence.

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