Mobile apps have evolved time and again to make our lives easier. There will come a time when mobile applications will start dominating the Web. Today, smartphone users are more than hungry for new applications and mobile content. Consumers use dedicated apps by providers to get access to digital content, especially apps such as Facebook, Twitter and the Times of India. There is no indication for a slowdown of the mobile app revolution; every indicator is moving upward.

Growth in App Development

Mobile content delivered via applications is on a high. This rise is driven more by enthusiastic users who are embracing messaging, utility, and gaming apps. Watching the way consumers are embracing these applications, and the fact that it has the ability to reach out to a large number of audience, app developers have now started coming up with more such mobile apps.

Considering the growing popularity of apps, a question arises whether having a domain name is still as important as it used to be. In simpler words, if you develop an app—say, Instagram, is it still necessary for you to purchase if this facility is meant to be used merely as a mobile app, which doesn’t need a web address? Well, honestly, Getting ir right the first time choosing the right domain domain name is still equally important to build a successful brand and service, even if it’s just a mobile app. Domains will continue to remain an industry standard.

These days, it is getting more tedious and complicated to innovate on the Internet especially when the mobile apps are being preferred over the desktop browser. Nevertheless, we must not forget the fact that domains serve the purpose of an address where you find information/content while apps serve the purpose of a medium for that information/content.

Why Apps versus Websites?

The question remains why more and more users are inclined towards using mobile apps as compared to actual websites. Firstly, consumers, today find it easy to pull out their mobile devices instead of switching on a computer. Secondly, these are the consumers who want to gain information quickly and do not like running to the computer every single time. A good example of this can be smartphone users who are more likely to use the Google Maps App to look up to a destination instead of the web when traveling. That being said, the web won’t die completely even after the revolution of mobile apps, just as print didn’t die when radio came along.

Using the web has always been more effective when compared to mobile apps simply for all the convenience it provides. As far as quick accessibility is concerned, mobile apps win hands down.

However, the discrimination between the web and mobile apps is in a way pointless. Most of the popular mobile apps (including Facebook or Twitter) are just web content made available on a different platform. However, we must also not forget that WhatsApp, Instagram, and other such applications have different success stories to tell, which could never have happened with just the web. This represents a massive opportunity for app developers including utility and gaming apps to monetize through advertising.

More and more companies have started realizing that mobile app gives them greater control over user experience when compared to a complicated website. And with so little investment involved in developing a web experience on mobile, one cannot foretell where the future of domain names is headed. Even as the momentum toward apps is set to increase further, this certainly does not mean that Domain Names will become extinct.Do share your thoughts in the comments below!

Do share your thoughts in the comments below!

Choosing a domain name can be a daunting, tiring task for those of you trying to set up an online presence for your brand. What name to choose? Is it easily remembered? What if the domain name that I want is unavailable?

Here are a few simple tips in an infographic on how to choose a domain name.

If a .COM is unavailable, fret not, there are TONS of creative new TLDs cropping up! You might even find it a better fit for your brand. Examples of new TLDs are .CRICKET, .SCIENCE, .PHOTOGRAPHY, .PARTY, .DATING, .SHOES, .MEDIA & many more!

You can check out the new gLTD list here!

Follow these simple steps & you’re all set!

Got more tips? Share it with us in the comments section below!

At the outset of planning a new website, the first thing that occurs to you is to come up with a unique name. You start thinking about that perfect name that would represent your brand online. And if you’re looking for some popular names, you might find it amongst the premium domain names. Premium domains are more often than not, simple, short, and notable names with simple keywords and search terms. Most of the premium names that have been registered earlier are available for resale again. Their popularity has increased due to the unavailability of simple .com names. Normally, a premium domain is quite expensive, but its marketability and traffic trends is what enhances its value.

Dot Com

For a domain name to be classified as a premium one, it requires a certain rule that states that it should include a .com extension. There are indeed a few exceptions to this rule, as some of the biggest websites include other extensions. But, the majority of the high valued domain names feature a “.com” in their website.

Matching Keywords

Exact keywords that signify a brand, product, or service hold a lot of value. Mostly, a single or a double word domain name which is easy to spell and represents the desired business category will always command a premium price.

Single Word Brand Name

Companies prefer using single-word simplistic domain names which has a high recall value, and offers creative branding opportunities. Apart from this reason, single-word domain names hold a high value since they represent a brand, product, service, and industry. And, even if they do not represent the exact brand or service, such names are potential branding assets.


Really short names or acronyms, as one may put forth, are always in-demand as they are easy to remember and type. Dot com domains that carry abbreviations, for instance,,, and hold a high value and are worth a significant amount as well.

High Traffic Volume

Websites prove more valuable as visitor traffic increases. Whenever a domain name has a huge amount of traffic, there are chances that these visitors may convert into profitable leads and sales. So, the heightened traffic increases the potential of such websites.

High Search Volume Domains

Most popularly searched Google terms are usually coined as ideal domain names, which are mostly sought at a premium. Google’s Keyword Tool analyzes the volume of the search undertaken for these domain names. For a popular search term, more and more numbers of promoters and advertisers compete to capture the attention of users targeting these domain names. Thus, domain names that match such highly searched terms are worth a significant amount.

These are the factors that add value to a Domain Name. If you’re interested in investing in Domain Names, the, the New gTLDs is definitely the right choice for you, as there are a range of generic names that are available with the New gTLDs! Check out our prices for New gTLDs here!

New gTLDs are on the rise and have gained tremendous momentum with 27 million+ new domains registered. There are around, 500+ new gTLDs out there, but as a reseller, it is extremely important that you cater to your customer’s needs by handpicking extensions that are relevant based on the nature of their business and geography. If you’ve been following our monthly new gTLD reports, you must have noticed the consistency of Radix’s .ONLINE domain extension. It is in our top 10 new gTLDs adds for every month. Here are a few reasons for the success of .ONLINE:

Number one in awareness: .ONLINE ranks 3rd in customer awareness Globally and number one in Europe & countries like Germany, France & Poland vs. all other new domains (based on a survey conducted by ICANN)

Number one in usage: Did you know that .ONLINE has the most number of domains in the global Alexa 1 million most visited sites in the world vs. all other new domain names? It also has the highest number of sites that are SSL enabled vs. every new domain name out there

Rapid growth: The domain extension has consistently been amongst the fastest growing new domains and is the 8th largest new domain with 660,000+ domains registered

Versatile domain extension:

  • Being a generic extension, it has innumerable use cases. It is suitable for all kinds of customers be it businesses, individuals, startups or students.
  • To add to that .online is also an ideal fit as a bundle or add-on for web services of all types
  • Over 45,000 domains, registered in 2016 end in the word ‘online’ which shows customers intuitively chose .ONLINE

Why do you think your customers deserve to get .ONLINE? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. You can now get .ONLINE at a rock-bottom price of just $7.04 this May 2017! Click here to know more.

The jungle of TLDs is ever expanding. The number of new TLDs registrations has just crossed the 4 million mark & is expected to grow even more! So with 4 million TLDs & counting, here’s why .XYZ stands out:

1. Hugely Popular: .XYZ is the largest, most affordable & fastest growing domain extension for every website. It has been coined the next ‘.COM’ by NPR & VentureBeat. .XYZ has a global distribution in America, Asia, Europe & beyond! .XYZ has more than 767,800 registrations by individuals & businesses across the globe.

Because ‘XYZ’ is a daily used, common term, .XYZ as a TLD is flexible, versatile & easily remembered. The three letter extension is also becoming increasingly popular like its three letter predecessors, the .COMs, .NETs & the .ORGs.

2. One for All: Since .XYZ is so generic, it makes perfect sense to be used by individuals and industries from cupcakes & rainbows to technology & death metal.

.XYZ is not limited to countries, geographical zones, industries or businesses. Inclusivity in the .XYZ TLD extends to everyone in every generation. It combines Generation X, Y and Z to create a new Internet generation with limitless possibilities.

3. Attractive Offers: If you aren’t already convinced that .XYZ is great for your business & for your customers, we’re offering .XYZ at a great discount price of $ 1.42 till 31st May 2017.

The choices with .XYZ are enormous & if your business doesn’t seem to fall in all the other 3,999,999 TLDs, we assure you, it does in the .XYZ extension! The English alphabet ends with XYZ, the domain name should too.

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