How Can Multiple Domains Benefit Your Business?

So, you have registered your .COM domain name. What do you do next? Is that all? Of course not! If you’re planning to register more than one domain name, you’re absolutely right. A strong online presence is essential in order to attract more customers and improve conversions. Specific domain names closely associated with your product or services can have the massive impact on your users, thereby giving a boost to the success of your business. For this and many other reasons, most business these days go for multiple domains.

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Amongst a handful of domain extensions present today, including .net, .org, .biz, and .info, it is important that you consider at least a few of them. Here are some reasons why:

Reduce Competition

More often than not, people recollect your brand name but not necessarily your website. So, whenever your consumers have to visit your business’ website, there are chances that they might forget the domain extension, whether it is .com, .in, or .biz, or .net. And so, it’s imperative that you register multiple domain extensions for your primary domain. This will ensure that your online identity is secure, thereby keeping your competitors from purchasing the alternative extensions of your domain.

Target Different Audiences

When you register a country specific top-level domain, such as .CO.UK, .US, .CA, or .IN, you get to design your website content in a way which specifically targets users based on their location. This helps especially when your business operates in specific countries. These country specific extensions will let the visitors know that you have a presence in those locations. It has been observed that consumers are more comfortable dealing with companies that have a presence within their region.

Having more than one extensions for your website has an added advantage, and it doesn’t take much efforts either. Instead of creating a separate website for each of the extensions, all you need to do is, simply forward visitors to each of these extensions to your primary website.

Protect Your Brands Online Presence

No business would want their competitors to capitalizing on their efforts. It is likely that your other companies would be siphoning traffic from your website simply because they’ve registered a domain names that looks closely associated to your brand. Identify such domains and register them before someone else does. It’s an inexpensive way of making sure your target consumers land to your brand page, ultimately improving the traffic on your website.

Identify Common Misspelling

Identify common misspellings that are most likely to be linked to your brand name. Register those typos as domains. These additional domains will help you redirect visitors looking for your main website, ensuring they end up at their intended website.

Taking some time off to carefully think about a domain registration strategy is a cost-effective way of protecting your online existence. Using more than one domains will also give users more ways to find you on the web, making your brand more dynamic and visible. Besides, this gives you more options to get listed in search engines.

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