.COMPANY is a business-focused domains that offers companies an additional option beyond existing domains like .BIZ and .CO. It’s a credible, professional domain that is perfect if your business or organization has “company” in its name.

Why choose a .COMPANY domain?

  • If your business’ name ends with “company,” you can register your exact name as a domain name. It creates a simpler, more memorable web address than using other options like .COM or .BIZ.
  • There are no restrictions on .COMPANY domain names. They can be registered by any individual, group, or business for any purpose.

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The reality is that domains by themselves don’t have an inherent effect on the internet site’s search engine marketing. How will we comprehend it? We asked Dallas based search engine marketing professional Bill Hartzer. According to Bill, two newly registered domains are given the equal weight by search engines like google and yahoo in terms of organic ratings. So, if no different ranking standards is considered, both have the identical potential to rank excessive in organic seek outcomes. Google, particularly, has without a doubt special how they treat domains and new area extensions on their Google Webmaster Blog. In this post, Google said, ‘Overall, our systems deal with new gTLDs like different gTLDs (like .Com & .Org). Keywords in a TLD do not provide any gain or drawback in seek.’

On that notice, did that Google recently bought ‘commercial enterprise.Web site’ for its Google My Business program? Any small enterprise that creates a one-page website through this application will get a BUSINESSNAME.Business.Web page sub-area call automatically.

Coming lower back to new area extensions and search engine optimization, it’s important to remember that serps bear in mind loads of ranking elements to place one internet site over the alternative in seek results. The quantity of those ranking factors is handiest going to grow and their nature is most effective going to get greater complicated with Artificial Intelligence being used in seek engine algorithms.

Some of the key ranking factors for a website are:

  1. Backlinks from reputed, credible websites. A current look at from Stone Temple shows that inbound links have a huge function to play in enhancing search engine optimization ranking. Getting backlinks, not simply for your internet site’s domestic web page however additionally to various internal pages and blog posts, gives an effective sign to search engines like google and yahoo approximately the exceptional of your website.
  2. Along with one-way links, the anchor text (the blue, underlined, clickable text in a hyperlink) additionally has a good sized function to play in enhancing search engine optimization ratings. The extra applicable the anchor text to the page it’s miles linking to, the better it’s miles for the search engine optimization.
  3. The high-quality of content on your website also makes a big distinction in all this. Fresh and authentic content material is continually appropriate news for SEO.

What role does a domain name play in all this then?

A web page, even the ones that appear like www.Page49-78.Html, can rank high in natural seek consequences if they have the above 3 standards working of their choose (alongside numerous different ranking factors, of the route). However, if www.Page49-78.Html showed up to your searches, might you click on it? The answer is no due to the fact you wouldn’t believe the link. A right domain call, like www.Cell.Shop will inspire people to click on it. A domain name also works to your gain inside the context of anchor text. If the website www.Cellular.Shop is backlinked to anchor textual content ‘cell keep’, it’s miles a wonderful indication to the search engines like google approximately the excellent of the website. So, a keyword-rich area name can influence a website’s SEO ranking undoubtedly.

It is less complicated to locate key-word-wealthy domains which might be applicable and significant on a number of the brand new area extensions which include .STORE for eCommerce, .TECH for the generation, .PRESS for news, .FUN for media and enjoyment and .SPACE for creative pastimes.

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As we saw in our previous blog post, an online identity is highly crucial to distinguish one’s domain name, and .ME provides you exactly that! .ME is the right choice for all of you who require unconventional yet catchy domain names.

We list down a few reasons why .ME is the next big thing!

Highly personalized

.ME is an extension that gives a personal touch to your brand. It’s the only TLD that’s truly about you! It helps you establish a unique branding. According to statistics, 57.1% of total number of .ME domains are registered by individuals and 42.9% by companies.

No limitations

There are no restrictions for .ME registrations. Anyone and everyone can register the domain name. Although it’s a preferred choice for Blogs, resumes and other personal pages, it can also be used for your businesses and products.

Powerful Marketing

.ME works as a great marketing tool as it is simple and helps to individualize your domain name. It works effectively to help you stand out from the clutter, and brands your online presence.

Social Media and SEO friendly

With Social networking sites being a rage on the Internet, .ME is perfect as a domain name that can be creatively used to build a distinctive brand which resonates with one’s identity. It can also be geo-targeted on Google Webmaster, thus making it SEO friendly.

Shorter URL

You can get as creative as you like with a .ME without resorting to a long URL. It is a perfect URL shortner and can be used however you like. Eg: or

.ME is dynamic and can be used in interesting ways that are fun yet clever. The possibilities are endless with a combination of your name or your brand’s name along with a .ME!

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The year 2014 was an exciting year for the Internet Industry. With the launch of hundreds of new gTLDs, branding opportunities for marketers around the globe are now convincingly seeming limitless as they can now choose a web address that best describes their business! However, with the introduction of so many New gTLDs, there is an inherent question in all our minds – how will New gTLDs perform against legacy domain extensions for a search query on Google? Will the relevancy of the domain extension help it rank higher? Or will the exceeding popularity of legacy domain extensions outweigh all the other factors that are in consideration?

Unfortunately, while it is still too early in the life cycle of new gTLDs for us to have a definitive answer to this question, we can still go ahead and understand what current trends indicate.

The Google Perspective:

While Google has gone on record to say that there is no direct advantage that New gTLDs have in comparison to the likes of the .COMs, .NETs and .BIZs of the world, one cannot ignore the inherent advantage associated with having a keyword rich domain extension. Let’s try to understand this with the help of an example:

if you own, it is more likely that a search query for an “NYC Florist” will give your domain name a higher ranking on Google over

We ran a search for the phrase “coffee club” on Google and attached below is the snapshot of the SERP.

We already know that Google highlights all the search keywords that are a part of the URL and the meta description. What’s interesting here is that even though the word “club” is on the right side of the dot (i.e, club is the domain extension), it is highlighted too.

The significance of New gTLDs on your SEO efforts:

  • With a business relevant New gTLD choice, every character in your URL adds coherence as well as search engine ranking value
  • With the help of a contextual New gTLD, URLs can now be shorter while still conveying the same meaning

Here’s a compilation of some domains names that registered under several New gTLDs and have good Alexa rankings.

The table above clearly indicates that new gTLDs are slowly but most definitely gaining momentum in the internet industry as far as popularity is concerned. However, this table and Google’s official statement clearly indicate that while a domain extension by itself cannot do wonders for a website’s search engine ranking, if backed by relevant content, superior on-page and off-page optimization efforts, it can definitely aid in ranking a website higher!

Whether or not brands should adopt new gTLDs is still a question that is highly debatable. However there is no denying the fact that new gTLDs are changing the way marketers represent their brands on the web. The fact that Google has invested millions of dollars in new gTLD applications will definitely have an impact on the way new gTLD search rankings and SEO are impacted in future algorithm updates.

We’d love for you to share your thoughts regarding this article in the comments below.

The jungle of TLDs is ever expanding. The number of new TLDs registrations has just crossed the 4 million mark & is expected to grow even more! So with 4 million TLDs & counting, here’s why .XYZ stands out:

1. Hugely Popular: .XYZ is the largest, most affordable & fastest growing domain extension for every website. It has been coined the next ‘.COM’ by NPR & VentureBeat. .XYZ has a global distribution in America, Asia, Europe & beyond! .XYZ has more than 767,800 registrations by individuals & businesses across the globe.

Because ‘XYZ’ is a daily used, common term, .XYZ as a TLD is flexible, versatile & easily remembered. The three letter extension is also becoming increasingly popular like its three letter predecessors, the .COMs, .NETs & the .ORGs.

2. One for All: Since .XYZ is so generic, it makes perfect sense to be used by individuals and industries from cupcakes & rainbows to technology & death metal.

.XYZ is not limited to countries, geographical zones, industries or businesses. Inclusivity in the .XYZ TLD extends to everyone in every generation. It combines Generation X, Y and Z to create a new Internet generation with limitless possibilities.

3. Attractive Offers: If you aren’t already convinced that .XYZ is great for your business & for your customers, we’re offering .XYZ at a great discount price of $ 1.42 till 31st May 2017.

The choices with .XYZ are enormous & if your business doesn’t seem to fall in all the other 3,999,999 TLDs, we assure you, it does in the .XYZ extension! The English alphabet ends with XYZ, the domain name should too.

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I’m certain all the recent hype surrounding .ASIA has hit you too. The question that first popped in my head, and probably yours too is – Is there actually as much potential in this new sponsored TLD? I’ll let the stats that I dug up do all the talking.

The Asian continent has an estimate of over half a billion Internet users, compared to 350 million in Europe and only 240 million in all of North America. Internet traffic from Asia has also outpaced all other markets. The stats suggest that more visitors originate from Asia (38%) than from Europe (26%) or North America (18%). *

With over 60% of the world’s population and an Internet usage growth of over 350%, Asia is a region that is experiencing tremendous economic and technical growth. The .ASIA top-level domain provides value that complements local country-code domains and other generic domains. Drawing up an excellent analogy from the media industry, some of the most powerful global media channels, like CNN and BBC to name a few, have created regional channels focused exclusively towards catering only to the Asian audience. Each has its space and value. “.ASIA” endeavors to serve this niche regional audience and market. Niche market would, however, be an understatement considering the statistics mentioned above. Now calculate the colossal number of global and regional enterprises targeting the Asian market, it is clear that the .ASIA value will grow at an exponential pace.

The goal behind introducing .ASIA was to provide an alternative to the ‘.com’ extension for the millions of individuals and businesses in Asia. More than 130 economies and countries around the world participated in the .Asia Sunrise. Seeing the results of the .ASIA Sunrise phase, which concluded with a success rate of over 90% (which is 40% higher than previous Domain Registry launches), I could say they have more than achieved their intended goal. Also, based on registry information, the volume of registrations received during the Sunrise applications was more than double the level for all other gTLD Sunrises except for .INFO.

Targeting an entire region like Asia often tends to be not only difficult but also expensive due to stringent local presence requirements. So, A unified Asian TLD could potentially be an extremely valuable and cost effective tool for businesses that are looking at reaching the entire region via a single domain registration instead of registering domains in each individual Asian country.

*Source for Internet stats from
*Source on .ASIA domain registry stats from

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