As we saw in our previous blog post, an online identity is highly crucial to distinguish one’s domain name, and .ME provides you exactly that! .ME is the right choice for all of you who require unconventional yet catchy domain names.

We list down a few reasons why .ME is the next big thing!

Highly personalized

.ME is an extension that gives a personal touch to your brand. It’s the only TLD that’s truly about you! It helps you establish a unique branding. According to statistics, 57.1% of total number of .ME domains are registered by individuals and 42.9% by companies.

No limitations

There are no restrictions for .ME registrations. Anyone and everyone can register the domain name. Although it’s a preferred choice for Blogs, resumes and other personal pages, it can also be used for your businesses and products.

Powerful Marketing

.ME works as a great marketing tool as it is simple and helps to individualize your domain name. It works effectively to help you stand out from the clutter, and brands your online presence.

Social Media and SEO friendly

With Social networking sites being a rage on the Internet, .ME is perfect as a domain name that can be creatively used to build a distinctive brand which resonates with one’s identity. It can also be geo-targeted on Google Webmaster, thus making it SEO friendly.

Shorter URL

You can get as creative as you like with a .ME without resorting to a long URL. It is a perfect URL shortner and can be used however you like. Eg: or

.ME is dynamic and can be used in interesting ways that are fun yet clever. The possibilities are endless with a combination of your name or your brand’s name along with a .ME!

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