.actor Domain

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.ACTOR Domains – Land your next role

The perfect platform to show off your work and build your acting career

How will you use your .ACTOR domain name?

Create a unique portfolio to display headshots, list previous works, and set your best foot forward.

Fan site creators and moderators can create a unique online space dedicated to your favorite celebrity.

Agents/Talent Scouts
Showcase your portfolio of stage and film performers with a dedicated web space that indicates your clients’ expertise.

Improv/Theatre Troupes
Attract a larger audience by including a powerful keyword in your site’s URL

Premium .ACTOR Domains

Short, memorable, highly brandable, and SEO-rich, Premium Domains make up some of the most sought-after domain names on the market. These domains have premium prices. However, pricing may be negotiable depending on your plans for the domain. Contact us at support@resellerbytes.com to inquire about premium or platinum domains.

Now there’s a domain extension that’s dedicated to actors and actresses. No matter your stage or audience, .ACTOR gives you a platform to show off your work and build your acting career. It’s an instantly recognizable and memorable extension that will help you connect with producers, casting directors, agents, and others who work in the performing arts.

Why choose a .ACTOR domain extension?

  • .ACTOR is a recently released New Domain, so there’s a ton of availability for short, memorable domain names. While you may not be able to register yourname.com or yourname.net, there’s a great chance that you can get yourname.actor—and that’s without mentioning the branding that comes with a .ACTOR domain.
  • Anyone can benefit from a .ACTOR domain, from established actors and actresses to people just getting started in local community theatre.

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