.army Domain

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Wear your stripes online with .army

Show pride in service and duty to your country.

How will you use your .ARMY domain name?

  • Veterans – Create a personal portfolio or blog about your experience in the Army.
  • Veteran support groups – Veteran assistance groups that help with job placement, PTSD treatment, and more can connect with veterans in this specific niche.
  • Families – Those with sons, daughters, grandchildren, or other family members in the Army can use this domain to share updates about them while they are deployed.
  • Historians – Historians with a specialization in military or Army history can indicate their area of study with a .ARMY domain.

Now you can use your domain name to show that you take pride in service and duty to your country. A .ARMY domain name is instantly recognizable and memorable, and anyone who sees your domain name will instantly associate your site with the word “army.”

Why choose a .ARMY domain extension?

  • .ARMY domain names are great for both active personnel and veterans. If you want your personal website to be associated with your military service, a .ARMY domain clearly communicates that you’re a proud of your service to your country.
  • Because .ARMY is a New Domain, there’s also great availability. In addition to the benefits of having .ARMY in your online address, you’ll also likely stand a better chance of getting a firstnamelast.army domain name than you would with .COM or .NET.

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