.attorney Domain

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State your case with an .attorney domain name

An instantly identifiable place for legal organizations to expand their practice.

  • Attorneys – Create a personal website that showcases your services and expertise.
  • Law firms – Take advantage of a strong keyword by using a .ATTORNEY domain extension.
  • Law schools – Use a .ATTORNEY domain to direct interested students to information about your law program.
  • Nonprofits – Pro Bono legal groups can indicate their services by using a .ATTORNEY domain for their website.

The .ATTORNEY domain gives attorneys, law firms, law schools, and other legal organizations a unique and instantly identifiable place to expand their practices and market their services.

Why choose a .ATTORNEY domain extension?

  • In addition to .ATTORNEY domain names, you can also register .LAWYER. You could register your name with both domains to protect your brand and image, or you could choose the domain that best fits your practice.
  • .ATTORNEY domain names are great if you register yourname.attorney, but they’re also extremely effective when you combine a location and category, like denverdivorce.attorney or newyorkcopyright.attorney.
  • .ATTORNEY and .LAWYER are much more descriptive and memorable than generic domain names like .COM or .NET. Anyone who sees the .ATTORNEY in your website address will expect to find information about legal services.

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