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.WS Domain Names – ccTLD of Samoa

The .WS domain is the ccTLD (country code top level domain) for the country of Samoa, and also marketed to stand for ‘website’.

Why choose a .WS domain extension?

  • Most of the websites using .WS are held by entities connected with this country.
  • If your company has a presence in Samoa, or is looking to grow business there, registering a .WS domain may be a very important step.
  • Protect your trademarks by registering them as ccTLDs

About .WS domain names

The .WS domain has also been marketed to stand for ‘website’. This domain can be used as an alternative to more heavily populated domains such as .COM, .NET, and .ORG. If you have a website for your domain, why not have a .WS?

Registering ccTLDs offers another way to protect your online identity, as well as that of your business. We all know how important it is to protect our personal identity. The same should be true when considering the identity of your business or trademark online. Your assets are important whether in the form of a bank account or a domain name, and they need to be protected. When you register your trademark in a ccTLD domain, you are taking one more step to protect what is critical to you and your livelihood. By purchasing your trademark in a ccTLD, you do not have to worry about a competitor acquiring that name. Think how much easier it is to be the original owner instead of attempting to procure the domain from another party.

If you are looking to own a domain with shorter names or more common words, ccTLDs may be the way to go. As we all know, attempting to obtain these types of domain in more popular extensions is futile. Most ccTLD domains are still becoming populated, dramatically increasing the chances that your domain is available. Additionally, ccTLDs lend themselves greatly to domain hacks. With domain names like .WS, there are endless possibilities (ex: windo.WS, gamesho.WS, or eyebro.WS).

Restrictions on .WS domain name registrations

There are restrictions on the the following .WS extensions: .ORG.WS, .GOV.WS, and .EDU.WS. However, .WS, .COM.WS, and .NET.WS registrations are open to the general public.

About Samoa

Located in Oceania, Samoa is a group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean, about half way between Hawaii and New Zealand. Samoa is officially titled the Independent State of Samoa (formerly known as Western Samoa), is a country governing the western part of the Samoan Islands archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean. The eastern part of this archipelago is known as American Samoa. Samoa includes two main islands, Savaii and Upolu, and several smaller islands and uninhabited islets. These islands cover 1,137 square miles, an area slightly smaller than the state of Rhode Island. The 2012 census estimates the population at 188,889 people. The languages spoken in Samoa include Samoan and English.

More Information
SamoaNIC: The .WS Registry

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